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2007-12-08, 11:01 p.m.

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My shrink might have jury duty next week, so I might not see her again until January. SUCK!

Tonight (uh, Friday) was the CC auction/party. I am happy to announce that tonight pretty much finally convinced the manager that uh, we really do need to have some Real Food as well as dessert. The dip I brought was happily scarfed down (most of it's gone, all the chips were gone), and you know what was the most popular item? Sliced up apples and carrots with peanut butter. They had tons of cookie/dougy/sugar crap left over. The manager finally said, "Yeah, we said dessert party, but you really do need other year it'll be a dessert/finger food party." Score!

I didn't buy anything at the auction (with my shopaholic tendencies, I don't trust myself worth a damn to have any restraint in in person bidding), but at least all of my stuff sold. I made a bunch of crocheted leis at the request of the other manager who thought they were cool, but I figured they wouldn't sell because nobody other than me would figure out what to do with them. Sure enough, nobody had bid on them at all in the silent auction as of yesterday night, and I whined as much to the people I have shift with. Happily in the end, some of them and other friends of mine bid on them. They went for $2-4, so good deal for them and now I know what to sell the suckers for if I ever decide to sell any. My regular jewelry went for about $15 or $30, which is reasonable.

The rest of my weekend is pretty well up in the air. I couldn't find a ride to the NaNo party- the only other girl in town who wants to go doesn't have access to her car that night, so that ain't happening. *sigh* Oh well, less potluck.

I did get invited to a party at my old roommate Ian's house, but am not sure if I will go or not. I can get a ride over, but would have to sleep there that night, and I'm not terribly thrilled at the idea of that (I've seen his floor).

I also have tentative plans to get together with my friend Merry to go shopping for cheap gifts (work party) sometime in the afternoon and go bowling on Sunday, but I don't know how much of that will come off either.

Argh, vagueness.

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