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Cruise- Last Day

2008-12-08, 7:30 a.m.

Had (free) room service- fruit and muffins. We were all packed up. Saw an ambulance outside our window at the port when we woke up. Last night supposedly some huge guy in a wheelchair fell out of it and broke his leg, and the rumor was that a helicopter was going to fly him out. (Some folks waited 2 hours to see how that was gonna happen, but I guess it didn't.) The new rumor this morning was that they wouldn't fly him out without receiving $50K first.

We were packed fast, yay. The cruise director kept getting on the loudspeaker and talking about how we were coming into Honolulu. (I think this was his version of Bill Cosby yelling, "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" on the first day of school.)

Here's the dumb thing about disembarking: they insisted with great force that all 2400 people NOT hang around on their own floors in the aisles or by the exits in the elevator areas, but WITH ALL THEIR LUGGAGE, go UP and sit in the aisles on upper floors or in the theater until they told us we could leave. Even worse, they insisted that everyone take floors of stairs DOWN (yes, four flights) when they let us exit. With the luggage. Need I say more? I think not.

But we got off relatively fast after that, made it to the airport early, etc. Ironically, the only time I ever had to show my passport was when I got to the pier office on the first day. Not when entering or exiting countries, nothing. Wasn't I supposed to get some kind of stamp?

I said before that I wanted to do the following things on board:
* go to the gym every day
* go in the spa
* lounge around on the top deck
* get a massage on board.

Well, I didn't do the massage. Part of it was the expense, but also I thought the spa people were kinda irritating. Didn't go in the spa- they were packed the entire time. Did lounge around briefly for a few days on the top deck, but it was windy and not much fun. (Darned chilly watching the ice carving.) And I never made it to the gym (I heard it was quite full from the one person who did go) because I was too darned busy to.

I thought being on a cruise ship meant lots of enforced idle time, where I'd have to lounge around until dinner and whatnot. Nope, I spent most of day #1 in lectures and spent day #2 going to events as well...I guess I just can't bloody well relax anywhere short of being home alone!

But that said, it was still a good time, and I may do it again next year. I got invited, after all...

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