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Holidailies: The Year In Review

2011-12-08, 9:29 a.m.

Okay, so Holidailies is on! Here's the "what's been going on this year" updates, and then tomorrow I'll talk about future plans. You can, theoretically, look at the sidebar for this stuff, or just read this rundown:

At the end of last year, I had the heebie-jeebies about 2011 being some big ol' year of disaster in which I would lose my job, end up moving in with Mom, and feeling homicidal. Thankfully it hasn't been THAT bad. I'm still employed and at least plan on finishing out the year that way. So whew to that.

Home Stuff: But the year did not start out well anyway, because a week after coming back home from the holiday drama, my apartment flooded. If there are any longtime readers of this blog, you may recall that this is not my first flood, as I had a major flood happen in late summer of 2004. This one wasn't AS bad-- just an idiot upstairs clogging the toilet in the middle of the night and then drunkenly going back to bed-- or at least, it only trashed two out of three rooms this time and only one actual piece of furniture. So that was doing well. I also had renters' insurance this time, which put me up at a hotel for 2 weeks. Also, I was only out for two weeks and just moved my crap into the one dry room during that time. So as floods go, really not too bad. Then I spent the rest of the winter cleaning and purging crap.

Mom: My mom got tracked down by her (dead) sister's old high school boyfriend for some reason or other, and for a brief few months, she had a boyfriend. I believe she actually saw him in person about twice since he lives in another state. That didn't last long, as he suddenly came down with a ton of health problems AND realized that Mom is well, smothery/crazy. Stupid drama has erupted frequently since, since they are still "friends" and still talk. This is not a good idea. She is still moping. Bleah. I think I'll never get someone else to take her off my hands.

Work: I started slowly figuring out that my boss didn't like me so much. I think I am just not his type of person. Anyway, I had a lot less to do under him than anyone else (he wouldn't let me do much of anything once my busy season ended) and felt like I was gonna be on the chopping block, and felt like I'd better be applying elsewhere. I did. It didn't go well.
Another section of my department had 2 out of 3 people quit for other jobs this year, so I have off and on been doing work in that department during job vacancy periods. I really liked doing it and applied for a job one of the times, but did not get it. I also asked if I could still sub in that department after the vacancies were full and was told no. Feh.
I have given up on trying to look elsewhere around here for something else to do by now because as far as I can tell, if you haven't already done that job, you're not going to be getting anything else here. I give up. Whatever. And it may not matter in the end anyway.
However, that boss quit when he found another job, and I like the new boss a lot better, so that part is going nicely.

Last month, my work made the news. I miss the days when I was a reporter because then I could have said all kinds of stuff that I wanted to on here. Alas, since I work here and we live in an age where everyone must be fucking paranoid about being dooced (and for good reason), I kept my mouth shut except on friends-locked LiveJournal. For those of you who haven't figured out where I am by now, here's a hint. Things have mostly died down with time, though my work is still being affected for the time being.

Friends: My friend group broke up. Then it briefly reunited. Then an ex-friend that I had been close to came back (sortakinda), and it looks like her fiancee now hates my (and everyone else's) guts, so that seems to have had something to do with her disappearance for a year. I took classes from her this fall so I saw her on a regular basis this quarter, but she won't be teaching next quarter (spring is dubious), so who knows if I'll see her between the fiancee issues and her being super busy. I am lowering my expectations a lot here and just trying to treat her as a circumstantial friend at this point. Whatever.
I visited Jess in Arizona in September. I did a lot of bead shopping and learned how to shoot a gun. Jackie went on a sabbatical all around Asia and now she's going to Peru for Christmas. Merry is...still having drama, which is depressing.

Driving: My driving instructor pretty much broke up with me right after I got my license, and then proceeded to have a lot of bad things happen to her this year. So I have driven a whopping four times since I got my license. I did finally drive with Mom in the car a couple of months ago. I swore I wouldn't do it unless I absolutely had to, like she was completely unable to drive. Well, that actually happened because she had her eyes dilated and it went very very badly. Turns out that Mom could mostly restrain herself from crazy as long as I was on town and country roads, but once I hit a freeway she went shrieking psycho on me, and I ended up getting off the freeway, pulling over, and yelling that I was never going to drive with her again because she has no control. I'd like to stick to this, but circumstances are coming up again and I may very well have to deal with Teh Drama again. But more about that tomorrow. that I have finally had the license for a year, I am eligible for Zipcar, got a membership, and now plan on practicing driving by myself without having to try to find someone, anyone, who will let me use their car without screaming. So that'll be nice. More on this subject tomorrow too.

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