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Folsom Street Fair

2012-12-08, 10:07 p.m.

To answer at least one of my questions from yesterday: by about 10 a.m., the water/fog has dried up enough to be able to drive a car without having to worry about defrosting or wiping it down. Yay.

I drove myself to the gym this morning, which was lovely. I really haven't been going to the gym at all for a few weeks--mostly been busy on weekends and when I get out of work and the sun set fifteen minutes ago, my energy just has been going down the toilet and all I want to do is go home and huddle in my house. So it was really nice to just easily drive myself there without the half hour schlep. So I went to the 10:30 zumba class--the teacher was all, "Haven't seen you around much lately"--and got my dance on. Then I left to go to Folsom for their street craft fair.

Now, as usual I'd printed out directions off Mapquest and had the GPS running. Mostly I try to rely on the latter so I won't be fumbling about trying to read directions in the car. Now, the directions (as I figured out later) were giving The Easy Way to get there (50). However, for whatever CRACKASS REASON, the GPS told me to go the hard way (80 east). I haven't driven to this area since January, so it didn't occur to me that anything was weird until I got off the freeway. It spit me out on Madison, which is apparently a very long, very busy street that goes through tons of towns. Very clogged street, with at least one accident that I spotted. It took me an hour to get to Sutter Street--the looooooong way. Very irritating. Once I finally got there, I snagged a free parking spot, and then proceeded to make a public ass of myself trying to get the butt end of the car slightly more into the space. I kept driving up on the curb multiple times, and a kid on the street was staring at me funny. I thought, "Yeah, wait until YOU'RE old enough to have to do this." By the time I was out of the car, I was walking around kind of lost and disconcerted.

It was nice to go around old town Folsom by myself, though I kept seeing stuff that folks I know would have liked to see, and I kind of wished those folks could have. But I could hit my favorite stores without waiting on anyone.

Mostly I ended up buying ornaments. I got a old fashioned spinner ornament in hot pink for $2--can't believe it, those things are rare. I got a white glitter reindeer that looks very disco ball. And much to my delight at the Christmas store, I found, on a hippie tree, a HIPPIE SANTA ORNAMENT!!!! I love it. I also found a tree ornament that ah...looks like it'd work well as a tree topper (has a hollow base). Yes, a tree tree topper. Yes, that's redundant and it amuses me greatly. On the non-ornament side, I did get a rainbow hematite bracelet, a jewelry cage pendant doodad, and a mini painted galaxy pendant. And a book because I had a coupon for it. I had a great time in my favorite stores and chatting with people. I checked out the skating rink and then went home around 3:15, getting home before dark. And I saw an amazing amount of crazy-ass cars driving from one end of the six-lane freeway to the other without stopping. What the hell, people? Sometimes I'm amazed I make it home alive. Every time I'm done driving I feel like I need to high-five somebody for having lived.

As for the rest of the evening, I went home for an hour to have dinner and drop stuff off, then I went to L's and spent several hours of quality lap time with the cat, catching up on Burn Notice. Then I left to attend a gallery's supposed holiday party. I don't know why I went to this--I don't know why I was excited enough about this to leave a snuggly cat--other than today I could drive myself to the thing. I went to it last year and they had nothing I'd actually want, no food, no drink, and a bunch of people standing around in black. (I, on the other hand, am in tie-dye.) Bo-rrrrrrrrrring. I need to remember to NOT go to this next year. I wandered around town for a bit trying to find anything else more interesting to do, but no luck.

So I drove home (car was still not fogged/wet, so yay) and then spent the rest of the night going through my giant pile of books. I literally have a giant pile of books I picked up at the library book sale ($5/bag) for the last few years that I haven't read. Mostly because they tend to not have a lot of fiction and I usually end up picking up weird research books and I have to be in the mood to read those. And I just end up shoving interesting titles in a bag because there is not a lot of room in the library sale to cop a squat and flip through which books to keep well. I decided to go through the pile and weed out whatever I really didn't have any interest in reading, and came up with 3 bags worth. Since I can drive the car to the sale tomorrow, I can dump off all three in the donation pile before I acquire more books. And then I can drive them home! Huzzah!

Tomorrow's plans: book sale, flea market, gym, Joann's, grocery store, and a weird video show. It's gonna be busy.

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