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Candidate Number 1

2017-12-08, 6:31 a.m.

So the most interesting thing that went down today was the various interview panels for the new BigBoss. Our most recent BigBoss decamped for better employment a few months ago--awkwardly a few months before our second in command retires as well. Second in command is now going to be here until they hire someone else to be BigBoss, at least. Much to my surprise, it looks like they've narrowed it down to two candidates rather than four like they had last time.

As I recall from last time, of the four, I can't remember the first one, I really liked the second one because I thought she seemed nice but would be tough with people. The third interviewee was my second choice and the one that eventually got the job--I thought he seemed very nice but probably was too nice to drop the hammer on people who needed it, and I was right in that assessment. And #4 just gave me the slimy creeps, so yay for not hiring him.

I was fairly impressed with #1 today. She was a lot younger than I was expecting (probably younger than me, I'd guess), enthusiastic, and apparently is into and good at dealing with offices that have turned rotten. Which frankly is my #1 priority in hiring a new BigBoss these days. She's into honesty and figuring things out and supporting people and having hard conversations (something I don't think Former Bigboss ever did). I went to the forum for our office and then the public forum and was even more impressed.

I should note that one of my coworkers in one forum and one of my former officemates who came to the other forum both asked the hard questions about ah, office personal issues that the rest of us would not be able to get away with. (The first one afterwards was all, "yeah, helps to be a large white man." Can't argue that advantage.) Another coworker of mine came in to thank him because she wanted to ask stuff like that but knew darned well she'd get in whopping trouble if she said anything. I seconded that--I didn't say a damn thing except for the introduction at either one. Though I did end up talking to candidate #1 in the elevator and she liked my sweater (everyone liked my sweater today) and said she does crafting too. Bonus!

Also an interesting fact: she did NOT show up in any kind of typical power suit sort of outfit. I'm not sure how to describe what she wore, other than it was kind of an unexpected sort of pantsuit with a giant necklace. I thought that seemed kind of odd, but as another coworker pointed out, she went as herself, not as an interview personality. That is pretty cool. You get what you get.

Even my officemates were actually civil and chatty today on this topic, which was nice. So far everyone here seemed pretty impressed.

The other candidate has her day on Monday. We'll see how it goes. I'm not sure whether or not to hope #2 is better or worse. Hopefully (since in the end it's not our decision, though we do get to fill out eval forms) both candidates are good and either way we end up with someone who is good and who can do something to fix all this crazy.

In other news, I've been told another unpleasant and demanding person is going to come looking for me tomorrow, demanding I do something I can't do. Another coworker of mine dealt with her and told her the same things I'd say and the girl refused to listen because that's not what she wanted to hear. And she's going to come looking for ME. How awesome! And my boss is out with some kind of family emergency! I'm so screwed!

The candidate today said she loves service and helping people. I am at a complete loss as to why that is enjoyable to anyone because to me helping people in this occupation all seems to come down to being abused and screamed at. You know, it was nice to hear about how this chick generally seemed to like what she did at work and enjoyed dealing with the problems. I can't even conceive of feeling like that at work.

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