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2021-12-08, 6:53 a.m.

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Tuesday's recap: Hey, who wants to read about weird Christmas traditions? Even I hadn't heard of all of these.

I got a holster in the mail...which is to say I ordered one of these at the Renaissance Faire, custom, and just got it in the mail today. Yay. Now I am kinda all "where am I going to wear this now...?"


(a) I got told that somebody wants their Important Document immediately and when told he'd have to pay large amounts of money to speed it up, was going to come to me and yell at me about it. Greeeeeeeeeat. Happily, he didn't get around to it today, but I'm sure it's something to look forward to tomorrow!

(b) Somebody #2 actually paid his large amounts of money for his Important Document, but he's now given me THREE different versions of his international address. Um...which one is it, please? Of course he didn't get back to me on that today even though I emailed him within five minutes of him sending payment and address version #3.

(c) On the good news side, there's now a setup for taking credit card payments over the Internet that actually works, so we don't have to effing deal with it. Yay. I unfortunately have tons of international clientele who have to call a secure phone line to pay with their credit card over the phone (which my office doesn't even do any more since we lost the ability to take payments pre-pandemic) and now we can just get online payments like the rest of the effing world.

(d) For reasons I do not get, I got forced to check More International Crap today, which I am pretty sure we already checked because I found a whopping 2 out of around 100 that were wrong.

Rehearsal: wasn't much tonight. It was "I Wanna Be A Producer." Since I do not tap dance (and am fine with that), most of the women in the show are tap dancing in it except for me and Dannette, who are secretaries. Which is to say, we're on the stage but not doing much of anything besides pushing a cart or something? I wasn't sure what we do, if anything, since it's the guys/accountants singing in that number and all of the direction was being directed towards them, so I stood around like an idiot. Then the guys went off to sing/rehearse and the other girls started choreographing and it was like "um, do we have to stay here?" and "we might want to run the number again at the end," which they eventually scrapped and I got home around 8:45.

Scott and I hugged and sat by each other briefly and that was about it with that. Steve wondered why he was getting so much Mel Brooks stuff in his Facebook feeds and Evan was all "Mel Brooks is still alive?" ("Yes, he has a book out."), and Jean (costume mistress one) specified what shoes I have to get. I'm not sure if/when I can drive to a dance shoe store to get them since the one closest to me has "during the work day" hours and the one with better hours is an hour away from me. She also said that working on set stuff is kind of a drop-in-and-out affair, which would be nice so I can haul off and oh, buy shoes or deal with relatives. I'll wait for what they say on Thursday, though.

I have updated the craft blog with Dawn's duster and the Starship Enterprise I made for Scott.

And in other news, I read this tonight and I feel like it might explain the whole crush situation and why I was getting six gajillion signs and then nothing happened.

"Sometimes when you meet someone, you remember that you did indeed intend to interact with each other romantically in this incarnation, but the other person does not remember the intention.
So you are pursuing them with the full support of your guides and their guides, but the person is not awake or aware enough to remember the “plan” and they do not share the same goal.
This is an unfortunate situation which I have seen many times in readings. Their guides will do what they can to trigger those feelings of love, but free will on the part of the other person trumps all."

So on Friday we're having the mandatory (all must come in person), indoor, eating food together, office party. (Which we're not allowed to call a party, but that's a rant for previous years.) Which I was fine with a few weeks ago--and frankly I don't think it would have gone over well to object to the idea anyway--but now I'm aware that my grandboss did not get vaccinated. And she's IMMEDIATELY coming back here from a trip to SoCal for this. And now there's Omicron.
In addition to this, there's Quality Time with the entire unit for 2 hours after the party, and then a mandatory in-person possibly indoor breakfast next week (I note the restaurant has outdoor seating but it will be 8 a.m. and could be foggy/wet/raining for all I know on outside as an option, and it's likely someone will complain about being outside in cold). For which she will be there, presumably eating. I don't so much care on that life choice if she's got her mask on in the office, but obviously this won't be happening around food.

I looked at the HVAC stuff on the website about the building...hope that means it's recirculating, I dunno the tech on that, it said it's a mix of recycled and outside air in there, same as my office.
Someone said online that having a mask on indoors in a restaurant is security theater, and really, it is. Like...I dunno, what good does it do? I'm not sure. Like if you're there for 3 hours and a half hour of it is having the mask off, I guess that's better than 3 hours of mask-free breathing, anyway, but you are still deliberately putting yourself at risk like an idiot, I suppose.

I was fine with this whole idea when I thought she had caved in and gotten vaccinated, but now knowing she's not...of course I can't say anything or object and I WILL get myself in trouble if I say anything. She's directly in charge of me, she has been known to take a heavy hand with me directly, it would probably be considered discriminatory if I blabbed or said anything against her personal choice. I just wish she'd skip the eating with us all and stay masked during the party, but of course that's not going to happen because we are all meeting together from 11-4 p.m. Nobody's going to pass up eating that long all day, especially with free catered eats. I've been debating just not eating and not taking mine off all day, but again, that's ALL DAY of not eating (I am not the sort who gets filled up all day with a hearty breakfast, also I feel sick in the mornings because I'm a night owl and prefer not to eat breakfast), and at 4 p.m. I have to go get covid tested again so that'll be all day without food with my coworkers noticing what I've done.

I did tell my boss I want to schedule my next mandatory covid test for the Wednesday after (five days after exposure to grandboss), said it was a scheduling issue. I'd like to get one on days 3 and 5 total, but I'm not sure if I can get away with that since I'd have to do it during work hours (they aren't open before 8 or after 5) and explain why I'm doing it so frequently when I technically haven't been exposed directly to someone who's tested positive for it....yet. That Monday is an in-office day for me so it would probably be noticed if I bailed for most of an hour for that without asking permission to. Ugh, just...ugh.

In reality, what's the difference between me going to indoors karaoke and eating around people who may or may not be vaccinated (probably in a building without the fancy ventilation that my work campus has) and I just don't know for sure, vs. eating indoors around at least one person who is definitely not vaccinated for sure? The only real difference is knowing for sure, I guess :( I think I will just give up and eat with my mask off around her and hope for the best and have it on otherwise, same as usual. I don't know what else to do and there's guaranteed consequences if I take any kind of action to try to protect myself, vs. just possibility of catching it.

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