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2003-12-09, 8:46 p.m.

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Well, Mom has decided that she'd like me to make jewelry for pretty much all of the female relatives in California. (This amounts to nine, counting her.) Christmas trees for her, Tammy, and Grandma, probably something pink for Auntie Dolores, and I have no idea what for everyone else. It'd be nice to know some style preferences, colors, wrist sizes... Eeek.

Ironically, I found out today that they are going to have the post office on campus open for another week, so I won't have mailing worries then! I'd be able to auction stuff...if I wasn't so busy making presents for the family, ahem.

I'd like it if Mom could reimburse me for my supplies for all of this since these presents would probably be in lieu of gift certificates and crap, but I doubt it, given how much money I owe her. She's supposed to call about arrangements soon, so we'll see.

I am still rather freaked at how much I spent last night! Plus there's looking for beads for this necklace at the store where I got them from, plus there's enormous heating bill, plus there's still Jackie's present to get and packages to mail, plus Jess and I are going shopping for her birthday on Monday and she found me a bunch of beads I could get at (much to my surprise) Longs. And a few trips to Dave's house, and unless something really gets lucky I get to pay for any New Year's plans we might have.

Maybe putting away savings this month wasn't such a bright idea.

At least I already know what to do for Hill's gift (she got me a pack of playing cards that said "My friends went to Daytona Beach and all I got was this pack of playing cards")- a scary Christmas mix CD or two. I'm going through my musical collection tonight and getting very frustrated that I have all these damn music programs that burn CD's (MusicMatch, iTunes, the stuff that comes with Windows) and none of them will put all of the music in one place so I can locate it. MusicMatch limits how many CD's I can burn without paying (fuck 'em) and iTunes won't for any discernable reason put EVERY song in my files into their library. Grrrr. And I've got such great stuff, too.

Incidentally, am dying laughing at Paris-and-Nicole-work-at-Sonic. Between putting "anal weiner burgers" on the sign and trying to hide the ladder and running around in giant soda costumes flipping the bird at people on the street, I'm amazed they aren't fired YET. Okay, I think they are playing more than dumb by now, more evil bitches. I pity this poor woman in charge of them. "It took soooooo long to make onion rings!" And where did they find a club to go to in an 800-person town in Arkansas?

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