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2004-12-09, 9:28 p.m.

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As an odd correllary to the last entry, today's is surprisingly...happy.

Reasons why I'm pleased with things:

(a) HEATHER GOT THE CATS SPAYED AND NEUTERED TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling Something had gone on when I was home on Tuesday. While the kittens were about (lying around a little when I got home, but up to their usual hijinks pretty quickly, and kinda covered in poop, alas), Jasmine was completely missing, and this seemed suspicious. Turns out she was hiding
post-surgery. Heather found a place that's down the street that had opened up since she was last looking for cheap vets, and convinced them to take her as a client (they are normally a rescue operation), and got them microchipped and shots to boot. And she even managed to get up early to do it! Yay! I am so proud of her for getting this done! Plus, I WON'T BE HUMPED ANY MORE!!!! I really need to take some pics of the cats and then close that album out.

In other cat news, as aforementioned, we are keeping orange kitten and his name is Tom. (We are getting more "crazy cat lady" by the day, aren't we.) The gray kitten, currently known as "Roscoe" or "Mad Shitter" (though he's improving- Heather does poop patrol and only found two out-of-box ones in a week, rather than three in a day.) however, who knows. Heather has been asking friends and may put a photo of him in the pet adoption book at her work.
Incidentally, Chris (Heather's boyfriend) is apparently Tom's favorite in the house, and therefore Chris is now claiming that Tom is HIS cat. Heather is all, (a) I paid for him, thank you, (b) even if he likes you better, I own him, and if we break up, you are NOT getting my cat, and (c) if you want him, you'd better start paying me for his vet bills and emptying the litterbox from time to time. Chris apparently is very anti-litterbox- this coming from a guy who MUCKS HORSE STABLES, and he's grossed out by the litterbox? Geez.
Oh, and after the holidays/when the kittens are big enough to use a covered litter box, she plans on shelling out a few hundred for a Littermaid box. Thank gawd, because we are both really tired of the living room smelling like litterbox (not to mention, being used as one).

(b) The CC's party is going to be on Friday. Apparently they are combining it with the final item auction party. This was a good enough excuse to...

(c) get me out of going to the parents' this weekend. Ever since Thanksgiving Mom has been begging me to come home early and put up the Christmas tree, since if I'm not there it doesn't get decorated. Unfortunately, the problem with the tree is the same as everything else- i.e. Mom doesn't let anyone else help her erect the tree or put the lights on, and therefore nothing gets done unless SHE does that part. Another "same old, same old, but I still feel guilty" thing, really. Of course, this doesn't get me out of having to go home next weekend now that I have no excuse whatsoever not to be home, but since my aunt might just want to meet up for the family holiday exchange in this town that weekend, I *might* get out of it.

(d) Mom didn't bring up our last conversation at all last night. Somebody she knows died, so she was more concerned about that instead. Still, I was relieved.

(e) I have the middle of my sweater pretty much done. Or at least, it's finally long enough. I started in on sleeve #1 again after completely scrapping it (it just wasn't working)and round 2 is doing much better. It still won't be finished anytime soon, sigh, but I tried. Though the teacher and everyone else in the class wants to do some kind of Stitch 'N Bitch group in the winter, so who knows.

(f) My spanky silver lightup umbrella broke yesterday and it was raining, but I now have a new, cheap, smaller umbrella (I always go with smaller), and it's not raining or as freezing as it has been today. Yay.

(g) Would you believe that I got a certificate of appreciation for jury duty? I normally LOATHE certificates of appreciation (honestly, it's such a lame thing to hand a kid- "You were just there breathing air, here's a certificate to put on the wall for it"), but getting one for jury duty is just hilarious to me. I also got a nice letter from the judge. The certificate has now gone on my cubicle "Wall of Shame" at work. I think I'll send Hill a photocopy of it along with her Christmas gift- she'll laugh her head off.

(h) I was vastly amused by this in chat this morning. While deleting e-mail, one (female) person said, "I don't need a larger penis, THANK YOU." Her mother was in the vicinity and said, "Not even for Christmas?" I suddenly DESPERATELY want someone to write and record the cheerful Christmas ditty, "I Want A Penis For Christmas." I don't know what it could refer to- wanting a boyfriend, wanting a dildo, wanting a sex-change operation- but hell, any of that would be funny. Alas, I could probably write it, but I still can't sing it.

(i) My new iPod charger got delivered today. Which is good, considering that mine seems to have pretty much officially died as of this morning. I've had to resort to many horrendous things to get mine to charge (plugging it into a powerstrip and jiggling it until it started to work, when that didn't work, I flipped the powerstrip over so weight was being put onto the cord and that was the only way it'd charge, then I had to physically SIT THERE AND HOLD IT DOWN to get it to charge... you get the idea. Now even weighing it down no longer works.), and oh, was it a relief to just be able to PLUG THE BLOODY THING IN AND LET IT GO WITHOUT HAVING TO DO SOMETHING FOR IT IN ANY WAY.

(j) I got my returns done at the bookstore, and used my new 25% off coupon to get myself a few paperbacks and a Dr. Demento Christmas album.

(k) I found out last night that my picture is in the CC catalog. It was taken during knitting class. Much to my amazement, this is one of the very few pictures taken of me in the last few years where my head does not have five chins attached. And I'm even looking down, too. Someone actually recognized me when I was talking to her about something on the opposing page of the catalog.

So, a pretty good day overall :)

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