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Party Day!

2005-12-09, 10:59 p.m.

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Today had every party I was invited to go to this year. (Kind of sad when they aren't spread out more over the holiday season, but what are ya gonna do.) I had the work party at lunch and then the Craft Center auction/party after work.

I dolled up for the occasion, with my new red poppy dress that I adore and my new velvet jacket. I did my hair in a French twist and stuck red flowers in it and actually wore makeup. I heart dressing up, and it was actually warm enough today I could wear the dress outside without freezing. Great timing on the weather for a change.

The work party was lovely. They got not only catering (yay no potluck!), but OUT OF TOWN catering rather than campus catering. And the catering was an absolutely scrumptious Italian foodfest. Ravioli, tortellini, and two kinds of lasagna. YUMMY. Insanely yummy. I only wish I could have hauled more of it home with me. (If I'd known it was going to be that good, I would have brought a cooler from home or something.) There was so much food they were begging us to take it all away, so I got a lot of Italian food and various desserts to haul home precariously. Plus sodas and two bottles of Martinelli's.

In the office, I have a reputation for being a food hound- girl with the most seconds and thirds on cake, first to line up at the food reception line, etc. I guess I earn it!

They had a gift-giving steal-the-gift thing again, which I didn't particpate in and actually found it to be more relaxing knowing that (a) I didn't want any of those gifts, and (b) nobody was going to be taking any away from me! They also had a dessert contest, and the winner was a "flower pot" dish (Oreo crumbles and gooey stuff, in a pot with flowers). I adore flower pot dessert, and she told me how to make it, so that made me happy.

I sat with fun people, and we had amusing discussions about weird baby names, people being childfree (someone else at work is too, yay) and how it's more fun when the kids aren't yours, holiday stuff, etc. I also heavily recruited for the Craft Center when people were expressing interest in it. Luckily for them I had schedules for winter quarter in my purse and I handed them out! One chick was interested in pottery and glass, and another girl might be interested in volunteering on weekends. I hope they do take up this stuff, we can always use more fun people.

After work, I had the Craft Center auction/party, which was great. The auction seemed huge this year. All of my stuff got sold off! Some things went around $30ish bucks, a few went for $3 or $4, most were around $15. I was pretty damned flattered. It was also really amusing to be sitting with the people I was sitting with and catcalling and shit like that during it. As for bidding on stuff myself, the one thing I really wanted, I got, so I was happy. I also came out of it with an "I'm An Honor Student At The CC" shirt.

And incidentally, my outfit went over VERY WELL with the crowd. I got a lot of admiration for this outfit, I think I turned a bi girl on, got outright applause from one (old) guy and a babbled "thank you for improving the aesthetics of this place" compliment from another guy. Very flattering. Yup, I looked GOOD, thank you very much.

After that ended, I was hanging around talking with folks (Ellen and Annie- I've taken a bunch of classes from Annie and hung out with her before, I took one class with Ellen awhile back), and they asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with them. So I did, and then we went out drinking, where we met up with more CC folks. Which was great- we were outside but it wasn't too cold, they had a nice bathroom at the place with no lines, and I had a fabulous "peach lemonade" which was really peach vodka and triple sec and sour mix or something that was all of my favorite booze. Hooray!

(No, I am not as tanked as I sound.)

The CC folks want to get together to go to Faces (gay club in Sac that everyone I know of who's gone to it loves) next Friday, and I dearly hope that (a) this comes off, and (b) I get to go. I know Mom wanted me to go home next weekend, but... come on, I've never gone clubbing there before and it's good people and I wanna go!

So, I guess we shall see.

Anyway, this is the best socializing day I have had in FOREVER. Fabulous. I love hanging out with cool people and eating good food all day and wearing a really fabulous dress. Plus, liquor. Hooray!

The only tricky thing about this is that Ellen and Annie were quite sick (sorta sounded like the flu- let's hope it was since I got the shot for that), so I'd better start popping the zinc and lozenges and friar's balsam just in case. But then again, if I get sick, I definitely won't have to go home, so... may be a bonus in that if I do!

If I'd only known I should have designed a stress-o-meter to go into NEGATIVE numbers...:) Because, seriously, this has been my best day of the entire YEAR!

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