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2008-12-09, 12:10 p.m.

I'm trying to do catchup...

Last night when I got home around 8, I had hit the grocery store before going home. So I unpacked groceries, watched Sarah Connor, blah blah stuff like that, and didn't get around to unpacking my suitcase until that was over.
That's when I noticed that Mom had apparently snuck one of her evil little luggage locks onto my suitcase. And left without unlocking it or leaving me with the key.


Okay, so 95% of what's in there is summer clothes or dressup clothes, neither of which I will need again for months on end, but it's the principle of the thing, and wanting access to my sneakers. Grr.

It is also 30 degrees or so here. Bleah.

In other news, this week we are having computer classes at work. I wasn't terribly clear what I was supposed to be doing at these classes. Turns out ah, not much that I don't already know how to do by pointing and clicking around and playing with the system so...well, gives me time to catch up on the entire Internet. Which is to say, Holidailies entries, which happily aren't disappearing after they scroll off the front page any more. Yay. I can't really work on anything involving heavy typing, but I can surf. (Lunch posting, obviously.)

I did manage to get about two days' worth of vacation photos Photoshopped while watching TV and NOT unpacking last night (it helps that for once, I didn't have to monkey around with the colors or sizing or cropping much on almost all of them, which is why my September vacation pics STILL AREN'T DONE YET), so they are up in an album. Hopefully I'll finish the rest up soon and then I can put a few photos in the entries. Alas, I won't get to TYPING entries up until tonight. Erk.

Somehow I always feel like I am working on a to-do list. I got two requests for more Christmas gifts (I got one more knit while on vacation), but at least they are for cell phone cozies and small. I'd like to clean out my living room yarn pile on my ottoman and replace it with the forest of tacky trees. I need to read ALL the advent calendars. And read the entire Internet. And STILL catch up on tons of television. And what, eight knitted gifts? *choke*

In other news, I went to a ah, hippie conference last year and had a good time at it. This year I got encouraged to submit a presentation. I was supposed to hear about it oh, last month, and never did. Well, they finally got around to it while I was gone and surprise, I'm in! Now I will actually have to work on something, hah hah.

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