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Reunited With Meg

2016-12-09, 11:36 p.m.

Oy. I need to do an entry for musical improv but haven't had the time to type that up yet. I will have to get back to that.

But in hopes of putting up a token entry for the day, I will say that work went well (other than you-know-what it's actually been pretty great this week...go figure), and my friend Meg that moved back to Santa Cruz is in town for the weekend and I went over to her house and briefly played the Transformation Game again, but that got cut off by dinner, so I don't think I'll bother to write it up here.

After dinner, she helped me work on my Christmas tree apron idea I started working on last year and didn't finish. I didn't think I was going to finish it, and when a coworker of mine asked if I was going to do anything special at Christmas this year, I had said I probably wouldn't.

At this point I needed to sew a bunch of tiny lights into the top of the apron and all the tiers, and Meg happily helped me do that and knit pockets to stick the battery packs in. So now all I need to do is sew everything together and put in batteries (plus uh, whatever other decorations I slap on at the last minute).

If this is going to be my last Christmas in this office (probably), might as well go out in a bling, eh?

Also, she invited me to come to her house on my first week of vacation. This should be fun.

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