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2021-12-09, 10:34 p.m.

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A pretty do-nothing-much day on Wednesday, but I did have a great conversation with Luis (current temp worker, worked as a temp here before so we were buds then, he's doing another brief stint over here again) about things. He said he was surprised that they've never gotten anyone to assist me with my job "considering how important your job is" and I was all well, I had an assistant for awhile, but I am definitely not important here. He said he does think I'm important here and it helps when you actually know what you're doing, and talked about when he applied here and didn't get it (as I recall, nobody ever did get the job at that time....I can't even remember what the stupid reason was that time for throwing out all candidates), but he's learned in this office that you can't really satisfy everyone, and that they wouldn't know how to do my job, so forget about those bad reviews I get. Awwww. He also said it's unrealistic to have to be happy here all the time, which yeah. He said I've "more than earned my voice to get what you want and deserve in this office." And "We can figure this puzzle out at some point, I think, but until then we just gotta keep riding this train." He said he was really thankful I was still here and he felt a lot more comfortable and happy being here with his friend (me). AWWWWWWW.

Luis is a sweetheart. We really need to like, try to remember to stay in contact when not working together, you know? He said he tends to drop off the face of the earth at times (deja vu of Scott there), and said one of his friends was all "Did you get hurt, did something happen to your family, did you go to jail?" when Luis hadn't surfaced for over a month. Maybe it's a guy thing?

No rehearsal tonight, so I'm watching a bootleg of "Fun Home," trying to do that again. Kelly passed me one awhile back but I found it hard to see/keep track of, and this one you can see what's going on. This led to some debate on the Internet as to whether or not bootlegs are bad--the people who work on Broadway are horrified, and then there's people like me who are all "I'm never gonna go to NYC to see a Broadway show, as far as I know Fun Home hasn't ever played over here, I'd LOVE a legal stream to watch of a lot of shows, but there usually isn't one, so...." I actually don't know if I would have paid money to see it or not since between depressing subject matter and 1970's fashion (my eyes bleed at seventies clothing) it's not exactly my favorite subject matter, but at the same time I want to support projects with gay people in them so that there will be more of them, so.... Anyway, watching this better-visuals one made it more comprehensible and it's very affecting. Allison is basically trying to sort out her shit about (a) being gay and (b) finding out her dad was also gay, cheated on his wife a lot, and then walked in front of a truck, good go. It's a lot of issues there.

Then I watched more Lucifer--finished season 5. While trying to construct a hat, which I feel very dumb at because it seems way too big.

Since today is not that interesting, here's some Hallmark that I watched yesterday:

Tonight's Hallmark: Every Time A Bell Rings: Three adopted sisters in Mississippi, one's a lesbian who lost her business, one eloped without inviting the others, a third one travels the world. Nora (the lesbian) meets Maisie, who appears to be cheerful and hot. Points to Hallmark. Emily is married to Paul, who is warned by family friend Liam that if he needs rescue, Liam is FIVE MINUTES AWAY. FIVE MINUTES. Paul looks terrified. Anyway, Dad has left one last scavenger hunt for the girls FROM BEYOND THE GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!!!! (um, 2 years ago).

Issues: Charlotte wants to meet her bio-mom (who is nice and practically her clone) and kissing Liam, Emily's nervous about having a baby and if she wants to do so yet, Nora's flirting and yup, that's a lady kiss right there on Hallmark. Take that, GAC Family! (LA times link...I swear I keep seeing anti-gay articles regarding GAC and I am boycotting them if that's the case.) I dunno, it was pleasant enough but I wasn't that into it overall, I suppose?

Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday: Jennifer (Kimberly) lives in Salt Lake, has a restaurant, is going home to Hazelwood for the holidays even though her restaurant is going to be in a competition. Meg (Ashley) is the little sister, busting out the fun holiday hats and planning on going to Paris. Jennifer has a teen son, Simon. Everyone is moping over the dead theater that their dead uncle owned or something that is going up for sale. Jennifer wants to do "one last movie night." "One last movie night for the family" very rapidly turns into EVERYBODY IN TOWN IS COMING. The theater is not as full up as one would have expected, but presumably we blame that on covid. They also have no heat, but that adds to the realism, right? "Enjoy this classic film that was the ONLY one we could get to run through the projector!" --I note this is like, old cartoons. And then the popcorn machine catches fire. And then the movie ends in like, a second and blows out the power and the film snaps.

I note that the only person who wants to buy this theater is some giant chain. After seeing how busted everything is, um...I'm surprised there's even that interest. Eh, we'll just renovate it, says the chain guy. "And the fire department has arrived." Her mom is all LET IT GO, ELSA. But then they somehow put on another show anyway, which works better.

Per the "sister swap," Meg wants to stay at Jennifer's restaurant and help with the competition. That'll be next week's movie! Anyway, what Meg's hiding is that the chef quit over there and she kinda freaks when Jennifer mentions coming back. Eventually Jennifer finds out that Meg’s been hiding “finding a chef” drama and finally they hit up a guy at an outdoor food stand (in the snow).

Meg decides to move to Salt Lake, Jennifer decides to keep the movie theater and build a restaurant in the basement.

I note that the theater literally has a door that says CRYING ROOM. What’s with that?

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