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Shopping Regrets and Christmas Mixes

2011-12-10, 6:39 p.m.

I spent the day doing local shopping. About half of the things I bought I ended up feeling pretty stupid about. For example, after a month my earbuds are already dying and one of the two stopped working when I put them in this morning, so I bought some in the first store I came across them in. Then proceeded to find two stores that sold them for cheaper. Then realized the first one doesn't allow for returns. Figured I might as well keep them because the damn things die in a couple of months anyway.

Later I went to Ace Hardware and bought some picture hangers and nails and a hammer to try to put hangers onto the backs of my wooden mosaics. Came home and (a) found I already HAVE a hammer, and (b) I don't really know what I am doing on nailing hangers into the back of a wooden item. I could only get them to go in so far and I was afraid to nail them in really hard/farther without messing up the mosaics. Goddammit, I should have waited until the Craft Center is open again to ask someone about this, because asking an Ace Employee ("looks okay to me") was not enough. Waste of money through my own stupidity there.

I also bought myself a shoulder bag. This was already pretty stupid because I have a couple of giant shoulder bags I don't use already, but it was $4 at the thrift store and pretty, so what the hell. I may have to switch to using the damn shoulder bags anyway if I can't get a backpack on without giving myself carpal tunnel, and this was purse-sized with pockets and water bottle holders, so it might be good for vacation. Then I carried it around on the way home and felt weird. I hate how the thing was choking my neck. This is ergonomic? I kinda doubt it.

Stuff I was okay buying: the pin I got as a present for Mauricio, a new leather cardholder for work, a couple of books and some maps of LA, the OC, and Sac at the thrift store. I was originally going out for tiny tree sized ornaments, but didn't really find any. I haven't found too many in town for years. Gah. Oh well, maybe I'll look at Cost Plus tomorrow.

On the other hand, I was going to drop that crap off and then go head to the dollar store to pick up wrapping materials like name tags, ribbons, bags, etc. that I hadn't been able to find in my house. I went through the closet again and this time I found all of that stuff, plus a lot of boxes, AND some ornaments and lights for the house. So I redecorated a little, added some bling to the Tiny Tacky Tree Forest, rearranged them so I could plug the lighted ones in and get all of the trees in roughly the same area in the house, and put some little balls on the new inflatable tree so it's not quite as freaking sad. And then I wrapped the gifts I have on hand for people (11). So I am doing pretty good.

My mom wants one of the mosaics I made this year (the blue castle). I don't know about this. I made it for me, for one thing. I can't really make another one even if I bought a similar board again. And...she buys tons of art and then who the hell knows what happens to it in the rubble at her house. I don't want my mosaic to disappear in her piles of crap. (It can disappear in MY piles of crap instead...hah.) My shrink said if I give it to her, insist that she hang it immediately. That's a good point-- though we're spending Christmas at my place, so that's not literally doable. Maybe I should give her my new hammer and nails to go with it? Hah.

I am almost finished with the knitted leggings I am making. I actually did finish them, then realized that making the ribbing at the waist in smaller needles than the rest of it meant that it was so tight I couldn't get them on any more. Oops. Back to the drawing board there.

I also put ALL of my Christmas music onto my iPod. 500+ songs. The 32G is almost full now just from that. Hoo boy. I also made mp3's of the songs from the Christmas specials on Community!

I am happily pondering making some mixes this year. A "naughty" mix for my coworker who appreciates novelty tunes, and probably a "nice" mix for the other two who might not be so appreciative. But beyond that, I have such an insane amount of music that I really should make some with crazy themes. Like:

(a) JUST versions of "Last Christmas"
(b) Sexy Christmas
(c) Redneck Christmas
(d) Songs about reindeer
(e) Violent Christmas

I wish I had people (okay, so I can think of about one person, the aforementioned coworker) appreciative of such works of art to send them to...hell, I'd mail 'em to people except the nearest PO I can get to during open hours runs on a student schedule and is closed now. Grr. Oh well, maybe I'll just amuse myself...

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