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Opening Night Dance Number

2021-12-10, 6:32 a.m.

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Thursday was another in-office day at work, very dull. But omicron has been found in my county! Still freaking out about tomorrow, even more now. I don't feel comfortable with any of the few options I have, though (fake sick or don't eat all day, which seriously may not be until 7 p.m. since I have a non-Producers rehearsal after work and literally have no time to sit around with a mask off alone consuming food). Dear universe, please solve this safety problem for me...either have grandboss suddenly be unable to make it, or permit us to dine outside, or....something that saves me from worrying about it. I'm putting that out there for you, universe.

This is the funniest thing on the Internet and has been cracking me up all day.

Had Yarn Club Zoom during lunch today, in which I found out that Janine (one of our members) is also an aficionado of terrible Christmas music, as she introduced me to the existence of "Shatner Claus" and says she has the CD. I had to go check it out on YouTube (it's okay but not insanely absurd, just enthusiastic talk-singing) and I blabbed on about the joys of "Ideal Woman."

I'm making hats as presents. The reversible hat for Loretta is going well, I'm just trying to figure out how much brim to put on it to resemble the hat I'm copying of my own. At home I am attempting to finish off Scott's hat and um...I'm having issues. The pattern seems to be a bit deliberately big and then you put elastic into it, which I'm trying to figure out how to not suck/look nice in the front since I'm about out of yarn and it doesn't quite line up with the rest of the casing the elastic goes through? Hard to explain, but it's kind of a pain in the ass and I'm concerned it's too tight--heck, it was giving me a headache trying to figure out what size to do the elastic in. Ugh. I wonder what the heck I do if I totally can't get it to work? What the bleep would I do instead? I did make an ornament, but that's kind of an add-on thing.

Rehearsal: dance number for Opening Night. In one of those "the universe is clearly laughing at me again" moments, Scott and I are dance partners in this number. It's pretty cute, actually, I like the number and lord knows he's easier to deal with than Brian in Camelot (no offense meant to Brian) when doing a similar spinning/holding the girl number. Not too complicated either, thank goodness. Beyond that...well.... no comment, I suppose. I like that I'm paired with him and I kind of suspected that would happen if there was any partner dance numbering, and there was. I admit I am pretty happy tonight, though I shouldn't be given....well, you know, sigh. But, well, arm in arm and stage snuggling and the like, sigh. I know better, but....

Set building will not be until next weekend, yay. So my mom can calm the hell down on going to see the relatives and I'll have time to do the shoe shopping for this show. Apparently no one has figured out where to eat yet anyway for all this hubbub.

Scott and I talked outside again after rehearsal...mostly about how he probably has to have 8(!) costumes with all his short solo bits, good god. I think I'll probably end up with at least five (opening night, whatever is in King of Broadway, little old lady, Nazi lady, prisoner, I guess that's the likely ones). NO idea if I have to be a Hitler or not in the audition scene if they need more people in it--the guys have to play little old ladies, after all, so why not some lady Hitlers. I checked the script and um...yes, they specifically say women dressed as Hitler in it and yes, "everybody" is supposed to show up for that scene next week :P I don't exactly pass for dude or butch terribly well so uh.... on that one. That's why I didn't want the Shirley Markowitz part either.

Seriously I wonder what the heck it is with him and me. If it's not supposed to be anything, then what the hell is it? I'm so confused. I like the dude and I am confused. I still think it's cute that he has memorized every dang bit of the German in the entire show because he's listened to the soundtrack so many times on repeat and happily bops and drums along backstage. Sigh. If I'm supposed to be with someone else, why can't the universe do anything about speeding that up instead?

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