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One Down, Two To Go

2003-12-11, 9:04 p.m.

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Short entry today, as I've spent most of the night working on this and Grandma's Christmas present. I need a better ribbon that will fit through all the holes, since I made some of them a wee fraction too small. Grr. Very frustrating trying to figure out how to make big enough holes that don't mess up the design.

Well, Dave finally got a job- job #1, for those of you keeping track. Apparently they have a lot of work starting Jan. 1 and it may be nights/early morning work. He did an interview for job #2 today that went well, has another one coming up in the future. He likes job #2's pay better but I vote that he try them both out to see which is better.

Either way, if he can work two jobs, so much the better, because his car died yesterday and needs tons of money to get it running once again. Gaaaah.

It promises to be a quiet weekend, with him having no car and he apparently isn't talking to J&R for some reason or other for awhile. Oh well, I need to bring my own entertainment anyway.

Since there probably won't be much to talk about for the next few days, I'm trying to work on entries to post ahead of time. Between the start of Fa La La La Las and my interest in weird music in general, I think I'm going to do my own little series on the state of weird holiday music these days. I'm pretty excited about it.

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