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Holiday Hula

2005-12-11, 9:26 p.m.

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I did something totally different for the holiday today: I went to a hula show.

I'd heard about it at the Hawaiian festival I went to last month, but it really turned out to be pretty much a dance recital for the local Hawaiian dance school, with a few vendors scattered about. They had TONS of students, though. This picture doesn't get across that not only the stage, but the entire floor around the stage nearly to the exit doors was filled with students of all ages.

It was a combination of "regular" dances and Christmas-themed ones, with classes of little kids, all men, all young women, and the "gracious ladies" of a certain age.

The guys's dances were the most lively and funny (involving fake groping, Peeping Tom gestures, yelling "Yeehaw!" and thumping around), which was cool compared to the usual graceful flowerish stuff the girls normally do.

I desperately want this dress. So pretty, and actually form-fitting compared to most of the costumes.

The Christmas numbers featured pointsettias in the hair, and often tinsel or fur leis. So cute. And one of them featured a um, Santa Claus. Who's in beachwear (without a beard) and dropped some white fabric out of his pants and goofed around...

It wasn't bad. Certainly was something different to do for the holiday season, not to mention that it's fun to enjoy the whole island experience.

The rest of the day before and after that was spent working on dollmaking. I went into the CC and got some help on making my dolls, and managed to get two wigs sewn and one skirt pre-sewn, and another skirt attached altogether. Yeehaw! Almost done!

After the show, I talked Mom into going to the fabric store, where I picked up extra buttons and needles and other dollmaking supplies...and some beads... and some really fuzzy velvet-ish yarn...

I also fell in love with this brocade:

I love reversible fabric, and I loved the colors in this one in particular. And I desperately wanted it...and Mom was all, "I'll buy it for you if you want to make something of this."

But alas, it was $10 a yard, and even making a skimpy dress would already cost too much...and I have a life where I'll never ever get to wear brocade (unless Mom brings me to another auction, anyway), so I can't justify that much time and money being spent on something that nobody will ever see. Even if someone else is paying. Alas.

Oh well, I was a Good Girl, right?

And finally, Mom brought me up one of our various fake trees, and I dug out my other mini-fake tree, and I decorated and lit them up for the holiday.

I should probably mention that we have quite the collection of fake trees. My first baby fake tree was one my parents got me to keep me occupied and quiet as a kid while they spent two days wrestling the lights onto the real tree, and I'd decorate and undecorate and redecorate and play with the ornaments...

Later I got so many danged ornaments for "my" tree that the parents got me a bigger mini-tree- about 4 feet tall, I guess. And then the parents got a giant sized fake tree that came with the lights already on (they REALLY hate doing lights!), and later on they got one of those shiny 4 foot tall fiberoptics so they'd never have to do lights again... the fiberoptic tree is the one that's been put up in the years between Dad first getting sick and before he got so sick that we couldn't even manage putting up a tree any more. (And hell, this year I bought myself a pink tree for work.)

It's kind of funny that I used to be all "Real trees or NOTHING!", but nowadays I'm happy to see my fake trees when I get them out. It's reuniting with old friends. Plus they can hold all the heavy ornaments I want to put on and they can stay up as long as I like. And I don't get all sniffly when the dead tree leaves the house.

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