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2013-12-11, 9:53 p.m.

I don't have much to say today, other than I have been plotting the Gavle Goat sweater. Mostly I've just been making lists of things I want to do on it. I wish I'd thought this idea up earlier, but ... oh well. In the meantime, YAY BEST OF HOLIDAILIES AGAIN!!!!! :) Glad you liked! I worked hard on that puppy.

As for my list of craft items I need to make within the next week or so, here's how that's going:
(a) Christmas tree hat for coworker, due by the 13th: Finished it, sewed the beads/fake ornaments on it tonight. Spent a lot of time trying to scrounge one off random beads for it, but it's done.
(b) Two beaded (matching) Christmas in Hawaii necklaces for Mom and I--finished them!
(c) Two matching crocheted Christmas color leis--started on the first one this morning.
(d) Gavle Goat ornament doodad for Jamie: not even started yet.
(e) Sweater: I wrote up an explanation of the goat to print out for the back of the sweater, which I put on iron-on paper during lunch. At some point I want to iron it onto some T-shirt fabric and cut out the shirt and sew it on. Much to my annoyance, I forgot that one has to iron these things on in I just wasted some of the last of my expensive paper for nothing, dammit. GRRRRRRRRR.

I also, ah....finished up some other paperwork/writing activity I needed to do last night. Or specifically, I needed to use the CC's printer for it, so I needed to get it done while I had the easy access. I had started working on it on Sunday and was hating everything I wrote and feeling totally brain dead, but I opened up the document last night and was all, "Hey, suddenly this writing looks good!" and I managed to come up with a lovely document (if a bit long for the requirements), if I do say so myself. So good for me there.

Yesterday was my last Tuesday night shift at the Craft Center. I switched to Tuesdays over the summer because L wanted to switch and I wanted to be on the same shift as her before she left forever. I planned on switching back after the summer, but then the awesome painting class I just took was being offered on Thursdays, so I stuck with it. But I've never really gotten accustomed to having my CC shift so damn early in the week, and it's kept bugging me. So next quarter I am going back to my usual Thursdays again, whew. And Merry has signed up again to volunteer on the same night, so it'll be like old times again. Huzzah.

And I hate to say it, but...I like the folks who I have been on shift with this quarter and they are fun to hang out with, but one of them has one of those severe food allergies that means she can't eat most food, so providing things for her to eat every week at potluck has been tricky. Trader Joe's has foods that cater to that particular need, but as I was hiking through the cold on Monday night to go there and get the non-deadly food, I was feeling pretty grumbly about this. Oh well, a soy allergy is easier to find food without than say, gluten or vegan. Hopefully nobody next quarter will have any major food issues to always have to worry about.

As for other Holidailies entries: "This is why I hate dating. It often makes me feel like an asshole." I hear that! Waaaaaaaaay back in the dark ages when I used to date, I either flat out couldn't stand people or I had zero interest in ever seeing them again, but could not come up with any good reason not to do it either. A friend of mine and I were debating doing something or other awhile back and neither of us felt very strongly about it. She declared, "Gadzooks! We're confounded by mutual meh!" and I think that summed it up. Nobody cared enough to make a choice, nobody really wanted to do any of it, it was just....there. Like much of dating.

Though I think the "mutual meh" situation, yuck as it is, sure as hell beats the situation where you feel completely meh on a dude, but he REALLY REALLY LIKES YOU! That, folks, was the worst "feeling like an asshole" situation. No wonder I don't ever want to date again, at least not unless I actually want to go on the date and am not secretly hoping he cancels. But who actually wants to go on a date, anyway?

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