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Oh, Spare Me

2019-12-11, 11:35 a.m.

Note: This is covering the events of 12/9/19.

I went to the knitting group holiday party, which had 11 people at it, and folks complained that the numbers had gone down, with people being sick or otherwise having disappeared or whatever. They also decided to be “sustainable” this year and make people bring their own plates and silverware. This did not go so well because (a) obviously I utterly forgot to do this and had to go home and get some (good thing I live close by), and then what to carry the dirty dishes in afterwards, and (b) not everybody remembered serving spoons. Which is always the damn issue: someone forgets to bring silverware and plates because this isn’t Kirsten: An American Girl Novel (i.e. the only thing I can think of where I heard that was common) and we don’t carry around our own plates and silverware by default in life at this point, and nobody ever remembers to bring extra serving spoons. Someone did have some extra paper plates, but silverware in general was an issue. Someone asked me to bring a serving spoon back with me and I said fine, and did, and then when I got back, it was all “oops, do you have another?” Nope.

I should mention on a related note that (a) my office is mandating everyone bring their own plates and silverware (and bought us sets of the latter, which I admit I like) and (b) we run into this crap every time there’s a potluck anyway. What we really need is an office set of dishes and extra serving spoons Just In Case. We also had some debate at the committee meeting about the holiday NOT A PARTY (more on this next week) that nobody wanted to haul their dirty plates and silverware back and forth from the building that we’re borrowing to have the NOT A PARTY, and shouldn’t the caterers bring that stuff anyway? Sigh.

Anyway, after the food was dealt with, more or less, we had the gift swap game. I drew #1, which is my first time doing that. I knew whatever I drew would get stolen, so I tried to pick what I would not get attached to. I got a purple woven scarf, which I was fine with (immediately) giving up because I already have something along those lines at home. My next draw I did get to keep, some cute bags and knitting supplies that Johanna picked out from her cross country travels. So I really liked that and started using those right off.

There was one lady there I didn’t know and she was the one that ended up with my purple shawl. I don’t think she was too thrilled with it, but what can you do. I thought it looked nice, at least.

Funny bits from the night:

Johanna, recounting a conversation she had with some dude: “What stories do you have about stupid people?” (Alas, the story the guy had was not so memorable.)

Randi is getting rid of her bully’s desk at work. Good for her.

I found out that Carolyn lives a few blocks from me and we discussed the neighbors that we know and who the crazy guy is that I nearly hit with a car when he was standing around in the street at night.

I got an email from Meg late last night saying that she was coming up here for only two days and she was insisting on leaving again on Wednesday, which bummed me out because I’m busy both days. So I arranged to go see her after the knitting party ended, and we had a great time catching up. I found out her friend Connie died (suddenly and awfully), who I’d met, and that’s a bummer. The funeral is December 29 and she’s planning that out. She is also going to be up here for a few days for Christmas, so I talked to her about getting together one way or another since god knows I’m off for two weeks and have no plans otherwise. We also discussed politics and what was going on that night. Everyone wants impeachment and pee tapes for Christmas! Her son Ian was looking at weird shit online and reporting on what he found, which is what I normally would be doing home alone, hah.

I also filled her in on the guy drama since it had been several weeks since we covered that topic. She was kind of all “it’s so cute that you think you have a timeline” (note: not at all how she actually said it, but kind of along those lines) and “just do group activities so that doesn’t freak him out.” I told her that I’ve been seriously considering taking this time to start working on getting over this whole crush thing since I won’t be seeing him much any more and I might as well, and she said in the most dry, sarcastic voice I’ve ever heard out of her in my life (and she’s not super snarky so that’s saying something), “Oh, spare me.

I should probably mention to y’all (since nobody is reading this usually) that Meg took five years to get together with her husband Stephen and her situation is somewhat similar to this one. I finally asked her what got her to change her mind, since I am wondering what would here, and she said that “he decided he was going to love me,” and “when someone like Stephen loved you the way he loved me, that was really attractive,” and “I just wanted to be loved the way he loved me.”

I don’t quite think that would work in my case (god, what would?), but it sounds nice.

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