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Another Scandal

2003-12-12, 3:28 p.m.

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I was going to post the first of the new holiday series up before I left, since I assume I won't get onto Dave's computer tonight to post an entry (see below). I even had it written and e-mailed to me.

Then I stumbled across a site that I just HAVE to include, and that means I need to do a rewrite. It's a yay and a dammit all at once.

So instead, I am doing a filler today.

I have a feeling that this weekend is going to suck and be hellish. Remember the cheating scandal I alluded to last weekend? Well, it's just exploded once again. Basically, Jeremy's fucking around with (a) Nikki, (b) some unidentified girl, (c) Renee that they live with, and (d) god knows who else, since he's doing things like asking a friend of Rachel's, with Nikki, for a threesome. While ahem, transmitting an STD around.

Apparently they're both moving out ASAP, Rachel's finally fed up and has disappeared, who knows what's going on. And meanwhile I'm just flabbergasted that Renee, who lives with her boyfriend in the same apartment as Mr. Cheaterpants, and was at the ER last week when Rachel was in getting diagnosed, would STILL choose to sleep with him knowing what he's got. (Supposedly "they used condoms." Knowing Jeremy, I doubt this.) Really, WHY?!?! Why would people do such utterly stupid things?!

The stupid is making my head hurt BAD. No wonder I'm feeling ticked at them all lately. And I'll get there just in time to fall into the mess. Whee!

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