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Frankie Says Relax

2004-12-12, 6:46 p.m.

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I had decided to take the weekend as a weekend of peace and quiet.
To not turn on the phone (until Sunday night, anyway). To try not to leave the house for a whole two days and try not to go shopping. To not get dressed beyond wearing sweats and wander around with my hair in a towel all day. To lie in bed long after I'd woken up and to actually READ in bed for a change, something I haven't done in a coon's age. When I finally chose to get up, I'd go lounge in the papasan chair, watching Farscape episodes and working on handmade Christmas presents. Maybe I'd wade through all my backed-up e-mail and read the websites I haven't gotten to read because I've been so busy for such a long time.

That's pretty much how the weekend has gone. I slept in for a very long time both days, which was very enjoyable. I finished reading The Year Of Living Famously, which I really liked (if you ever wondered what it was like to marry someone famous, this'll tell ya). I took some pictures of the kittens looking cute, though after they woke up more they managed to foil my shots. I did end up having to go to the grocery store because I was starving and pretty much out of food, but that was about it for leaving.

I am thinking that I will take less weekday classes at the CC next quarter. The only one I'm really interested in on a weekday is glass fusing, and everything else I'm really interested in is on a weekend. I'd like to have a day or two or maybe even three where I am actually home at night. I haven't just hung around the house puttering for more than one night in a row since...god, I dunno, at least July?

I just want to relax and calm down and zone out and did I mention relax?

I did have to call Mom because she asked when I was available to get together with Aunt Susie and co. for gift exchange before Christmas. I had to admit that I had nothing going whatsoever next weekend, which made her light up like an anime character who talks with little hearts drawn next to her words. "You can come home next weekend?!?! =) =) =)" *sigh* The surprising thing was that she didn't insist on having me home for the entire weekend. Her idea was that I come home Friday, do the tree Saturday, then we meet up in Walnut Creek with everybody, and then Alicia or Aunt Susie or someone hauls me back home Saturday night. Of course, she'll probably back out on this and insist that I be home the entire 48 hours tomorrow, and flake out on the tree to boot. (I asked her politely to have the tree erected by the time I get home or else it won't be up by the time I leave, and she was all, "Am I really that bad?")

But I can't tell someone with anime smileys in her voice that I won't come home, either.

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