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My Relatives Are Dicks

2005-12-12, 10:05 p.m.

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Well, the streak of happy entries has been broken, because clearly I've managed to go for five days without massive drama and God just won't allow that.

So, today's the first official Trainwreck Entry!

As usual, the PITAs are being dicks. Let me count the ways.

1. They refuse to go to Montana and deal with Grandma, despite the adult protective services people AND Easter Seals (Easter Seals?!?) not doing jack shitola.

2. They found some kind of stock certificate in Dad and Grandma's names, and now are all mad that the money isn't in Auntie D's name.

3. And they waaaaaant the money. And are claiming "hey, how about we just cash it now before they both die and split the money between the two of them?" Right, like Dad can use it for anything other than medical bills.

4. Mom thinks they uh, didn't want to give Dad his "half."

5. Oh, and apparently it isn't legal for any of us to just go in and take that money without the permission of the guy who can't speak and the lady who probably has dementia. And it's not like we can find out their intent for the money, or if it was all Grandma's and Dad was just on there for formality or what.

6. D&B have demanded that Mom give them a copy of her power of attorney paperwork. Which Mom filled out when I was a teenager- and gave the PoA in the event of both of their deaths to my cousin Tammy. D&B will go batshit if they find out it wasn't given to them.

7. There is apparently some sort of rivalry over who got more money than who from the parents in the first place. I am so fucking glad I am an only child so I can't have the "She got more money than meeeeee!" argument with anybody.

8. Turns out Janelle isn't even going to be in town for Christmas for a full 24 hours- in and out and with her parents the whole time. Mom called her up and Janelle was apparently pretty catatonic to ask if she'd want to see Dad, and all Mom got out of her that "I dunno, they're the ones planning the schedule for me." Mom asked if she could pick her up or take her back to the airport and Uncle Bruce said no. "You know they're not going to see your father for Christmas! It never even occurred to them!"

The only good thing is that I guess they didn't bitch Mom out for not spending Christmas with them. So far, anyway.

It was one of those conversations where I just wanted to go smack my head into a wall a bunch of times. And then she finishes up with, "Have you eaten yet?"

Let's see: I was in classes at the gym till 8:45. Half hour walk home. Mom doesn't get out of the hospital until I'm about home. Then it's yak, yak, yak until 10. NO, I HAVEN'T FUCKING EATEN YET. I told her that either I can eat, or I can talk to her on the phone, but I can't do both, and was pretty damned bitchy about it. This got her to apologize and finally get off the phone.

Whee, watch that meter rise!

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