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Death in Advent

2006-12-12, 3:18 p.m.

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Apparently Sunday was "Kill the Bloggers Unexpectedly" day or something, because two people I read died.

I can't say I knew Sarcasmo really- we read each other and were amused, that was about it. I quoted her in my NaNo novel this year (she wrote something I felt like riffing on).

It sounds like it was a bizarre death- she had a tumor nobody knew about. How the heck are you going to be able to distinguish from a normal pain from dance class to know that it's a killer tumor?

Then today I hear that Leslie Harpold of advent calendar fame died, leaving her final one unfinished. It sounds like bronchitis did her in.

I'm a dork who likes advent calendars (even though I really haven't gotten around to watching all of the animated ones yet this year), and she was always the first one I went looking for when I was posting links on the blog sidebar to advent calendars every year. It makes me sad to look at it now, knowing it will never go on past the seventh (also the last day Sarcasmo posted).

I kind of wish someone would take over and fill in for the rest of the days for her, but maybe that's sacreligious. I don't know. I just think it's sad, especially that she got taken out during THAT time of year. I hope things worked out as she thought.

On Saturday, I went with my writer friend Melinda (to distinguish from my crafter friend Melinda...not that I think I have mentioned either around here all that much, but just in case) to the aforementioned lunch. We hadn't hung out individually for quite a while, so it was good to do that.

Anyway, I was filling her in on the latest crappy family situation, blah blah same old shit different month nothing ever changes. And she was getting on me to stop waiting around for him to die. It was along the lines of "Just decide he's 100% dead already and move on. Take advantage of your youth while you still have it, because it's gonna be gone soon and you'll have wasted it on this. JUST DO IT ALREADY."

Or alternately, I guess I could drop dead any day now from something completely random.

What the heck has to happen to get me in gear and to stop postponing doing anything in life? God knows, I can't say that I've had this much fun. Don't think I'm likely to at this rate. And if lightning strikes again, who knows.

My response to Melinda on Saturday was something like, "Uh, I don't know WHAT to do any more." Even if I was in the mood to "JUST DO IT!", I don't have an "it" in mind to even DO.


I should talk to the shrink about this. I wonder if there's some kind of hypnosis one can do to get motivation to do anything?

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