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2003-12-13, 7:16 p.m.

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So, things have changed in the little soap opera once again.

Rachel, after being coy regarding her test results, now says she doesn't have anything. Meanwhile, Nikki does and Renee seems to be getting something.This strikes me as suspicious.

Apparently Renee didn't have sex with Jeremy while "in the know"- I'm now told it was a good ol' revenge fuck around Thanksgiving.

Rachel has, yet again, gone back to Jeremy. Everyone is pissed at her and thinks she's a moron.

Today Dave hit his limit. He bought them a phone and put it on his phone plan, and today left them a message (he was hung up on and the phone turned off) saying that if they didn't return the phone by the end of today he was calling the company and reporting it as lost.

He made a great speech, saying Jeremy was getting away with and lot and to Rachel, "What does he have to do for you to get it? Beat you? Bring home AIDS?" I was so proud of him.

We have been having it out over the course of the day with regards to him and his friends, etc., and let's just say that things have been resolved happily.

Tomorrow, hopefully I can start my little series here. The first three entries are done, I just haven't gotten online with the laptop here to upload any.

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