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My Relatives Continue To Be Dicks

2005-12-13, 10:05 p.m.

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More dumbassed drama...

Mom "had it out with" D&B, and ended up refusing to do anything about getting the money (which I guess amounts to $5000 apiece or something). She said she doesn't have official power of attorney until she gets a letter from the doctor- true, but she also doesn't want them to see the paperwork. Auntie Dolores yelled at her and said something like "You'll get your money." Hmm, whose idea was that to get this money again? Oh, right, NOT MOM'S.

So now Mom is on the perma-shit list now. Whee!

We got formally invited to Ron and Laurie's for Christmas Eve day brunch. Which happily for me, I won't even be in town for. Mom is all like, "I AM NOT GOING."

And finally, supposedly Grandma and Grandpa are meeting with their doctor and the adult protective services lady for uh, some reason or other. Mom suspects that she won't be told what went on at the meeting.

My family sucks. What else is there to say?

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