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Flood #3

2014-12-13, 7:07 a.m.

I had a bad feeling about the idea of leaving Friday night. Hoo boy, was that ever right.

Despite not having driven through giant standing pools of water recently, it has rained.

Last week I thought I had left my car door open a bit by accident during a rain storm and found that the floor of the right hand side of the car was ah, rather wet. (Oddly enough, the seat was utterly dry. I sponged the water out, took out the floor mat to let it dry, and it mostly did dry out.

Stormageddon happened.

Last night I got into my car to leave and found that yes, MORE PUDDLES were in the car. The entire right side of the car is FLOODED. Yes, I've finally had the third flood I've been worried about having for years, except this time it's in my CAR and insurance ain't gonna cover that one.

I am a fucking idiot. The car probably has some kind of leak somewhere and I can't afford to fix this and I know damn well what happens when water is everywhere. I think my car is probably ruined or moldy or all of the above. It's probably my fault, because everything is.

I am supposed to go to Dickens Fair this weekend, I have asked to bail multiple times and gotten a NO, and Mom said if I go down there she can find someone on the weekend to look at it (my mechanic doesn't work weekends). And she will probably have to pay for it because I'm a fucking moron.

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