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Recap Day: April 2017

2017-12-13, 6:55 a.m.

At the start of April, I was a bridesmaid in my friend Monica’s wedding. I finally got around to doing a road trip in my own car, something I have been meaning to do for years and never got to. Our mutual friend Dawn went along with me and did the driving in the “hard parts” such as the LA traffic. We also spent, no joke, like 12 hours of driving trying to detangle one of the balls of fingering yarn I bought at Stitches West. JEEBUS CHRIST THAT WAS A MESS.

The wedding was awesome. Monica is the world’s most laid back bride--she pretty much said “wear a blue dress,” I sent her a few photos and had her pick a dress, and it turns out all three of us had the same color of royal/TARDIS blue dress, so that worked out great. It was a Minecraft themed wedding, with Minecraft decorations (torches on the walls, bride and groom cake had their customized figures on it, various Minecraft things all around the church pews), and a lot of crafted plastic things. It was adorable. I felt bad for Dawn not being at the head table with me (she was stuck with the groom’s relatives and apparently they weren’t too interesting), but other than that it went well. They also had Minecraft swords and hammers in the wedding, so we had a lot of fun posing with the props in the wedding photos. I have decided that swords should be at all weddings.

I went back to work and oh goody, that coworker lost her shit again at me. I had to take a phone call and the person was asking me to do something I’m not allowed to do, and she was mouthing off behind me stuff like “not it, not it,” and otherwise insinuating that I’m a shitty slacker who refuses to help people. I immediately stomped off and reported it to my boss, and presumably she got in trouble again because she came back crying.

This has pretty much become my policy since: she acts up, I’m reporting it. Even if she’s being slightly shitty, I’m reporting it. You know what? She outed herself, she started it, and I’m trusting that my boss is putting the kibosh on her. Like I said, he’s been lovely.

(And as of December, there haven't been any major blowups. Yay.)

Easter with my relatives went very well, but I apparently didn’t write more details down about it than that. Ah well. I mostly remember playing with super obnoxious Easter toys. My aunt has this toy, < a href="">Hallmark Squwkin Easter Egg Droppin Plush Chicken Mama Hen, and my mom in turn bought a chick bursting out of an egg that sings an Easter version of “I’m So Excited” and 4-year-old baby cousin Aidan had a blast. So did I, for that matter. I made a video of both going off at the same time to see which was most obnoxious--it was probably a tie.

Aidan is a lot of fun at age 4--we went to his birthday party and it was at some cool play place for little kids where they have various play areas set up like offices, parks, dress up, restaurant, etc. Mom went around wearing some random bowl on her end, I ended up with Aidan’s birthday crown on mine at some point. The bowl and crown both ended up on Mom for a photo, which she’s using as an icon for herself on her phone.

For my birthday, what did I want to do? I wanted to go to the March for Science! As per my last protest, I chose to go to a smaller town for it, a town known for being supportive of science. I brought Mom along because she may be a Republican, but she likes science and hates Trump. I didn’t exactly get her into a spare pussy hat, but she did end up carrying a free sign. I knit a brain hat for the occasion and counted about eight other ones there, as well as some genius signs. They also had a kids’ science fair afterwards.

On my actual birthday, which was on a Monday, I took the day off from work purely to avoid seeing my coworkers, because why have them ruin the day? I had no plans and did nothing but craft all day (I got a fairy garden as a present and set that up, but boy, did that die fast).

On the weekend after that, I went to San Jose for Saturday only to see The Bodyguard: The Musical. I was fairly well amused at this--they do it fairly similarly to the movie plot (except this time the sister develops a crush on the bodyguard because he’s nice to her), and then throw in a lot more Whitney songs. I bought a bodyguard rubber duck, because hey, that exists. “The bodyguard” is the least interesting character in the whole thing usually, but the musical made him a bit more lively--and the one song he sings, badly at karaoke, is “I Will Always Love You.”

And when I got back that night--I should probably point out that I took the train down and got a ride back home because Mom was coming up for the Scottish Games the next day--my car was gone. I eventually found out it got towed. Yes, I saw the orange codes on the other side of the block, but I figured “hey, I’m parked on the corner over, this shouldn’t be a problem, I’m not ON that block.” Au contraire, and it cost me $450 to get it back on a Sunday. Which I ended up having to do because I am a total idiot and it turned out I didn’t have a driver’s license any more.

Yeah, wait, WHAT? It turns out they sent me a renewal notice for the driver’s license and for my old ID card, and I filled out the wrong one and didn’t notice. And there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two except for tiny text which is normally covered up unless you have to take out your license and show it to a cop. OH, THE SHAME AND THE STUPID OF ME THIS WEEKEND.

(I got this taken care of a few weeks later, but felt pretty stupid having to take the driver’s license test once again. I still passed it. Seems like they give you a much shorter one on video these days.)

I went to the Scottish Games after that, but I don’t remember much about it. Probably still dwelling on the shame there. I remember looking at a show of hawks and disliking whoever it was that they got to play the Queen there--what happened to the previous nice queen? No idea, but this one gave me a not good vibe for some reason so I didn’t go over there for a presentation this year.

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