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2005-12-14, 11:02 p.m.

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Reading this and this, well.... I want new hair.

Ever since I got my hair done the way I have it in my favorite photo of myself (taken at the end of summer 2004, seen in a trading card here), that's been like, my current ideal hair coloring. Mahogany red on the bottom, blonde on top, and curly and full. Gorgeous.

Alas, getting my hair REDYED like that... has not gone as well since. The original do faded from mahogany red to a light apricot blonde, which wasn't bad, but that's changed with getting my hair fully redyed 3-4 times a year. (I can't dye my own head and it costs a bundle to get it done, so I can't exactly get it done when it's needed.) I don't know what it is. Sometimes I've had the same hairdresser I had the first time, sometimes I haven't. Sometimes I've brought that photo in to show them what I want, sometimes I haven't. They usually SAY they are getting the mahogany red and the blonde.

But lately it comes out with my hair being a dark, dark brown almost all over, with a few blonde streaks. Once in a great while under bright light, you might see a reddish tinge. And then it fades to...well, more brown with blonde streaks. Which is so not what I wanted, but once the dye job is done and it's 3 hours later, what can I say? I can't just redye it all at that moment, can I?One lady I know at the CC was pretty dismayed the last time I got my hair done and really thought it should go back to blonde. Hell, I agreed with her.

As for my hair whole life long I've been a long hair devotee. There are very few people out there that I think look better with shorter hair. I used to have it at waist length in high school and was damned proud of that.

Then I got the pneumonia a few years ago and had half of my hair fall out, and once it started to grow back in, I ended up having to cut it whether I wanted to or not. The do I got then wasn't bad, but naturally I wanted to grow it back out enough so that I could use hair clips, put my hair in a ponytail, braid my hair into a psuedo-coronet, etc.

The cool thing when it started to grow out, however, was that it grew back in curly all by itself. That was NATURAL curl in that picture, not hours of hot rollers. It was amazing.

But now that my hair is mid-back length...the curl is starting to die out. I started having to use hair-curling spray-on stuff and scrunching my hair to put curl in it, and not brushing my hair if I wanted to have curls for the day. And nowadays, the curl is pretty died out even when my hair is freshly washed.

So at this point in time I have long hair, but it's flat and stringy and vaguely wavy and root-ish and brown...and it's just UGH. I'm tired of it. It's not pretty. (Note: as I am writing this, I've got the whole thing yanked into a French twist to hide it.)

So...I want new hair. I got a hair appointment for the 27th today. I think I might actually ask to get it cut to shoulder-ish length again. And for someone who hates getting hair cut off, that is saying something. But I want my curls back.

As for the color...maybe I'll just ask to go back to one shade of blonde or something. I'm sick of brown. It was kind of interesting novelty at first (and god knows it makes my roots not show up much), but...bleah.

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