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More Moo-ed Swings

2006-12-14, 9:55 a.m.

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I had more moo-ed swings again last night.

I was in a good mood...until I went to the gym. I went to advanced step class and there was one combination I just COULD NOT GET for the life of me. I hate when the teacher throws in a lot of turns because I can't really follow along visually once a turn is going on. In this particular combination, nothing was intuitive about the turns to me, and no matter how many times the teacher showed it, I could not get it. I spent most of the class trying not to cry (and I am not a crier), fell off the step at one point, and got to the point where I just had to stand still and NOT try the damn moves any more whenever she did that combination.

I felt SO UTTERLY AND TOTALLY STOOPID. Jaysus, I've been learning dance combinations since I was what, 8 years old, and I can't pick this up? So I was in a foul mood. Why can't I be perfect at everything, goddamnit?

But going home and playing with the cow made me feel better. I sent in two shots to the contest this morning. This one I did with the stuff I had lying around the office. Yes, I DO have sand and a margarita glass lying around my office. No, that's not at all suspicious.

And this is how I ended up decorating my cow, and photographing it next to my Christmas tree forest:

I am ridiculously proud of figuring out how to make a crocheted dress for a cow. It was actually pretty easy and took me a few hours at the most, even with the hand-beading. Plus I went around flaunting the cow at work this morning. I'm a dork.

I also got my bowling buddy to do cow photos, and she did a lot more than I did. (Course, she was looking for interesting props rather than making a whole dang cow outfit. My favorite is the one where the cows are storming a toy castle.)

In other news, Familial Hell will be starting up earlier than I thought this weekend. Mom now wants to come up here on Friday night so we can get a Bright and Early! start on shopping, then go run around doing errands for Aunt Susie or something before the party starts. Mom is under the delusion that (a) we'll be up early enough to hit the outlets when they open at nine, and (b) we'll be done with shopping by eleven. Um, right.

Course, when I found this information out I was thinking, "Aw crap, I haven't cleaned in like 2 weeks and now I don't have time to clean before Her Highness shows up and starts bitching. Plus now that's two nights of her bitching about my housecleaning." Clothes have to be picked up, trash needs to be taken out, dishes need to be done, and my craft workspace corner is in desperate need of vacuuming up the little yarn bits that are decorating the carpet. All stuff I would have worried about on Saturday morning before she was supposed to originally show up... and since I have my last night of volunteering tonight, that means I get to do some kind of last-minute Friday scramble.

Though I am kinda thinking: if Ms. Control Freak is just going to go around making me feel like crap and re-scrubbing my floors and yelling at me no matter what I do anyway, why the hell should I clean for her arrival? Maybe I should just leave it all a mess and give her some REAL work to do all night long if being all control-freak on my ass is going to make her feel better. I swear, I wouldn't mind her storming through my house cleaning every time she's in the house for longer than 30 seconds if she would at least just forego the screaming at me while she does it.

What also sucks: this weekend's weather is supposed to be REALLY bad- freezing and rainy. Whee. Which leads to the question of: what the hell do I wear in dress-up clothes that deals with that? Will anyone notice if I wear sweatpants under a big skirt?

I just hope I have time to even DO Holidailies this weekend. I fear I won't be left alone at the computer for long on Saturday at least....

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