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Pooping Reindeer and Screaming Monkey

2007-12-14, 11:28 p.m.

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My week has been duller than shit, and I have spent my non-working hours either at the gym or cramming out scarves (finished all five due by Saturday!). Today, however, was the work holiday party, so that livened up a few hours.

I was happy to discover that they got non-Mexican food catering for it this year (went to a very tasty sandwich place that I don't get to very often 'cause their location stinks), and uh, made the mistake of saying that I thought Mexican food at the holidays was weird, but Chinese was just fine. At a table where uh, two people there were either Mexican, or had been married to a Mexican. OOOOPS. Okay, I doubt they cared too much, but still, oops. I just think it's odd to be eating spicy stuff during the season of chocolate stuff. Not that this has stopped me from eating kung pao chicken if someone handed it to me on December 24, mind you, but somehow that spicy is different. And ironically, my mom is talking about having fondue for Christmas,, yeah, I dunno what to make of that one.

We had the usual gift exchange thingie. I drew #1, which really stinks. I tried to pick a gift that I wouldn't mind giving up...I got peppermint caramel corn (to which I was all, um, love caramel corn, but throwing in peppermint on top sounds...ew), which I was fine with letting go when #2 stole it. Too bad I never got to steal from someone else, though, as the gift I ended up with was a Santa mug. Not that that's bad, but I'm not a coffee drinker, so I use mugs hardly ever. Well, maybe it'll get regifted or something.

I brought in a Koosh ball for mine, figuring that as per usual, it'd be me and one other person who bring in a toy and the rest of it would be socks and candles. Well, yeah, that was a lot of it, but...let's just say that things went wild enough that next year, they're going to make it TOYS ONLY gifting. WOOT! When the chick that got the Koosh ball got it, someone was all, "Yeah, you can throw that at the students!"

The main activity and gift-stealing of the day was over pooping reindeer and a screaming flying monkey. People LOVED those things. They both got stolen three times apiece before they weren't allowed to be stolen any more. At one point the game referee was all, "I'm sorry, I was too busy being captivated by the pooping reindeer."

As for the screaming monkey, that sucker got launched all over the room, and the various people who temporarily had him were hiding him in their pockets when a thief came by. (People also got chased around the tables a bit.) After both gifts hit their 3-stealing limit, the big boss (second-to-last in the draw) was going around looking at the tables, and someone was all, "You can't have the pooping or the screaming." His response (he has a baby) was all, "I have those at home."

So, that was the big excitement of the day. I am quite jealous of the people who are taking off next week from work. I can't come up with a justifiable excuse to do that, but I am really looking forward to the few hours I'll have to myself tomorrow to pack and wrap (and probably watch DVD's while doing that). Even if I don't know how long that is before Mom shows up, or if I have a shrink appointment or not.

Oh, speaking of yesterday's entry: I got e-mail from Mom being all, "You need a new coat to go for this weekend," and "Have you ever heard of thermal underwear?" (Uh, no?) No, she didn't read that entry. Apparently my aunt wants to meet up sometime on Saturday,'s a good thing I'm done with scarves.

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