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Verdict Tomorrow

2016-12-14, 6:57 p.m.

So oddly enough the last few days at work have been going really well. Like if it was like this all the time I'd be a happy puppy. Maybe it's just the holiday season, I don't know. Generally speaking this is as slow as it gets in my industry and it's usually pretty pleasant. I'm having to come up with a lot of projects so I look busy for 40 straight hours of people watching me, mind you (and I volunteered to help out my old group since they're back down to one person yet again), but it's been nice. Would that it was always like this, because days like this make me reconsider a lot of things. Until the next snake bite, that is.

The verdict about the letter is supposed to come down tomorrow. I did hear through the office rumor mill that boss met with the higher-ups on Monday, and then he was out yesterday with a sick kid, so here we are today. I checked with the union rep and she said that unless it was disciplinary she wouldn't be allowed to go (and looks like that wasn't mentioned in the e-mail, it's just boss and me this time) so I'd have to ask, but if it wasn't mentioned that's probably a good sign.

Anyway, I'm pretty hopeful/optimistic about it. I know I didn't do it, I reasonably assume that if I had been screaming in the office someone would have squealed on me weeks ago, hopefully that will be it at least for lack of proof.

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