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More Package Drama

2022-12-14, 8:41 p.m.

Today's work stupid:

(a) The thing I was supposed to stay around for (but am not) will be run on January 3, no matter what's happening, because Financial Reasons, even if a lot of data is missing. Oookay then.

(b) We were told that 38% of this data was in at this time and we're missing a few thousand things. Can't say this shocks me. We'll uh, see what happens in a few weeks, if anything. At least we're not having to spend two days sending nag emails to tell people to turn in their data.

(c) I got notification that the two remaining will-inevitably-be-lost packages are being held at a facility. It was the same coding as package #1, i.e. "UPS makes it sound like they may deliver, but they put a notification saying "if you want to change the address...." I pointed this out to management YET AGAIN and Old Boss AGAIN complained about having to pay ALL THIS MONEY (note: not a lot) to move addresses and she doesn't wanna and let's optimistically wait and see, because they might deliver!

I note that they will need to pay EVEN MORE MONEY THAN THEY HAVE BEFORE to move TWO packages now. But it's still like, under $75, let's say. Right now they're under $25.

HAS THIS WAIT AND SEE APPROACH WORKED AT ALL IN THE LAST MONTH? NO, IT HAS NOT. Has the "I don't wanna pay money" approach worked to not have to pay money? NO, IT HAS NOT. It took all my strength to NOT say in the meeting, "Literally if you'd just changed the mailing address after package #1 WE WOULDN'T HAVE HAD THESE PROBLEMS. WHY DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO ME ABOUT ANY OF THIS." I saw a thread online discussing "normalcy bias" and I feel like this crap is right up there, with people sticking their heads in the sand that they have to adjust to changes being made for them and refusing to do so.

I get the feeling NewBoss agrees with me on this logic but can't really say, other than to say that perhaps we were a bit too optimistic on these topics. But seriously, OldBoss isn't stupid and I don't get why she continues to do this. Maybe Great-Grandboss is mandating this, I dunno exactly which one or if both of them are deciding this stupidity (Great-Grandboss is out lately), but at this point we're just lucky that our clientele hasn't started threatening to kill me over a lack of mail. I can only hope they're all distracted by holiday celebrations (or frankly, covid) in their home countries.

Update: I looked at the tracking number again to verify that it didn't deliver here and instead it said that somebody was changing the address. I asked and NewBoss said as far as she knew nobody had. HMMMMMM. Did our nice vendor lady just do that in advance? I emailed her, but since she's on the other coast I probably won't find out today.

I got the new sleep mask I ordered in the mail to replace the lost one--days faster than expected. Then I walked into the bathroom and found the old one...which had fallen in a corner somehow. Thank you, St. Anthony! I have now washed it and have a spare.

Someone tried to scam me (I presume) over email today. I got an email from someone where the name/email was vaguely familiar but I couldn't recall who the heck it was--clearly not someone I've interacted with any time in the last few years, I'll say, but at least someone who has been in the emails before. I think it was someone I was in a club with years ago? I'll give them credit for not misspelling the shit out of the emails like they usually do, but "do you shop at Amazon?" as an opener is a red flag right there. Turns out somehow they can't get their bank open and they want to buy a gift card for their niece and can I do that today, they'll pay me back. To which I was all, sorry, out of money! and hahahahah nope.
Anyway, after that I looked for the lady's webpage and she helpfully had a webform on it, so I used that to tell her that someone's spoofing/possibly hacked her. Hope that um, helps.
Okay, she wrote back to say that a LOT of people, including neighbors walking over, have let her know about it! Comcast won't do shit, of course.

I was texting with Morgan (moving singing lesson to Friday, she has promo pics) and mentioned the whole "asked to do the light board" thing and she said Steve was probably still looking around, but she could check at the board meeting tonight. Good. Because if it happens it happens and if it doesn't, it doesn't, but I need to know if I buy a ticket to the gala or go to it for free if I'm working.

Ashley called to say that her parents are actually going to a piano bar together (!!!!) Saturday night and she's going to be left alone. This worries her because she's pretty much never left alone with her medical stuff. I said "well, I think I'm skipping Dickens Fair because I'm afraid to eat there and I'd have to go without eating/taking a mask off for like 12 hours," so let me know if she needs me to come over to the house or possibly sleep over or what the hell ever. Right now we left it up in the air and see how she's feeling closer to the day. I can get that she wants someone around if she suddenly medically Has An Issue, as she is wont to do.

In other news, I was reading on a news website yesterday that they are looking for people to talk to about still wearing masks in this day and age. I submitted some info on the survey and a reporter waned to call me. So I ended up doing that interview during the last half hour of work (glad this was an at-home day, even though I had to be all "on the phone right now, can't key a thing at the last minute" on the chat). That was...interesting, for sure.
....Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the ass....I hope I don't like, get death threats from saying I wear one or something like that. Oh well, I'm going on vacation anyway, if people decide to harass me over work email I won't be seeing it for two weeks, so there's that.
Ugh. Now I'm having regrets if people go crazy on me after the fact. Which could happen these days. I didn't particularly want to give full name/job/location info, but I'm aware that at that particular news outlet, that'd be a requirement, so I didn't argue it. (She also asked about a photo and I hedged on that one.)

I also went to tap class tonight (last one for the season). We did call-and-response again, which is still tricky and feels like you're trying to copy someone's drumming moves, with your feet. Then we did some improvisation stuff, which I was not expecting this early into things. Like I like improvisation, but I usually do it with ballet/modern-type stuff and would not have figured I'd do that with tap just yet. But I had the hang of that mostly and that went well...then we did some shuffly-things, which went well at first and then she told me to do it slowest...sigh. I'm used to being the worst in every dance class and I'm still very new and I've only been attending off and on a few months (in between rehearsals and covid exposures), so I should chill out about that.

And now, I'll give you one more Hallmark review!

A Kismet Christmas:

So this one family has this secret recipe for "kismet cookies" that they found hidden in the wall(!!!) and our heroine Sarah tries the whole cookie routine and finds out it's her guy friend Travis who lives next to her grandma that she's supposed to be with. She happily runs over to his house and...he's eloping with someone else RIGHT THEN. (Pregnancy seems to possibly be why?) Sarah destroys the recipe and NO LONGER BELIEVES.

Since then, our heroine has (a) avoided her grandma's hometown, (b) written a kids' book about "kismet cookies" (under the name "Sarah Grace" rather than "Sarah Collins") except they turn you into a superhero instead. Her agent sends her back to her hometown for publicity reasons and when he hears about her rejection, is all, "NEVER TELL THIS VERSION OF THIS STORY TO ANYONE." Lol.

(You know what, I bet if I tried those damn cookies I'd get literally nothing and nobody. I literally actually looked for the recipe and presumably found it, but this is way too complicated for me to make as a non-cook and has some ingredients I don't even like in cookies. Am trying to think of who I could hit up to make it for me other than my mom, who obviously can't, but I got nothing.)

Anyway, the town of New Britain has a Dickens festival, so OUTFITS!!!! And naturally the contest winner is Travis's kid and Travis is playing Santa this year. So they hang around together again (Travis's ex has run off with her band, but everything's cool) and it's all very sweet and Travis helps Sarah overcome her writer's block by taking her to a cabin, confiscating her phone, and feeding her fudge. Meanwhile, people are requesting the cookies again, so Sarah just ASKS THE HOUSE for the recipe again and THE HOUSE PRODUCES IT FOR HER IN THE SECRET COMPARTMENT AGAIN. Cookies are made and distributed, cookies are slipped under Sarah and Travis's pillows, love is achived.

This reminds me of whatever that magical Mexican cookies movie was last year that I liked and wished could happen in real life. Three and a half stars.

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