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Annoying Behavior

2005-12-15, 9:59 p.m.

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I don't know who pissed off Bitter Hag, and I think it's a safe bet she doesn't know my idjit relatives, but damn, I could have written that entry myself. I fucking love it.

"Life is a little bird. It must be, because it keeps taking dumps on my head.
There are people in this world who are so fucking selfish they cant even begin to think about the world outside their own heads. These people have no qualms about throwing hand grenades into the lives of others, solely because they want what they want, when they want it. Fuck everyone else.
These might be the same people who dont follow through on their promises. Im not talking about Ill call you or Ill do the dishes". Im talking big promises - like caring for a seriously ill family member, or adopting the child of your best friend if they die. You know, big life-alterating shit. They say theyll do it, then when the time comes they just change their mind. Now everyone else is twisting in the wind because someone said theyd do something and is too fucking selfish to do it. La la la, too bad, that doesnt work for me now.

There's no real news on the relative front, other than Mom has been calling all of the in-laws she actually likes to bitch about the PITA's, and turned down Laurie's invite, saying that she couldn't take the PITA's this year. Laurie wishes she could avoid them too. Meanwhile, the PITA's have neglected to mention how that APS meeting went. Ahem.

Oh, and Mom has been talking to a lawyer, and found out that if Dad and/or Mom get the money, they'll have to pay a lot of taxes on it. But if D&B get it, somehow they won't have to pay taxes on it. Don't ask me how this works out, because I do not get it.

In other annoying behavior, Mauricio (for those who don't know, he's my mom's friend and used to work for her before Dad went into the hospital permanently) wants Mom to give him and the girlfriend a ride to the airport. Naturally, this requires her to get up at 3 a.m. ON A WEEKDAY, after she's had a meeting that runs late into the night the day before. Adding to the fun, both of them uh, don't wake up to the alarm. To the point where Mauricio suggested Mom just "sleep over" at their tiny apartment the day of so she could be there to wake them up.

Frankly, at that point I'd tell them to find another ride. Making Mom sleep over at their house and nursemaid them around to get out the door and act like the nanny, and then spend the hours between 3 and 6 a.m. ferrying them around, and then she has a full day of work after that? GAH. If she was off that day it wouldn't be so bad, but SHEESH. That's too much. And joy oh joy, they shall be returning lateish on the night of the 26th, so I get to go along on picking them up after visiting Dad. They always seem to have some kind of lame airport drama whenever they go somewhere, and I'm sure that won't change this time.

If you check the craft blog, you can see that I did finish all of the doll and glasswork stuff for Christmas presents. Yeehaw for that! Now all I've got left is jewelry/knitting-type stuff.

In other news, you know those "I'm writing this sentence to somebody who will never read it, but I won't put their names with the sentences" thing that everyone on Holidailies is doing? Yeah, now I kind of want to.

Course, the fun part with mine is that guessing who is who is going to be SO TRANSPARENT in spots that it'll be funny. And then you can't help but wonder what trainwrecks I am aware of that I haven't even mentioned in this journal! And then there's the ones that apply to...well, tons of people...

1. Get the fuck over yourselves. You think that you're so holier than thou and compassionate and perfect and you have no idea that you are behaving like assholes. Oh, and acting like you're Stepford Siamese Spouses with one brain is just disturbing.

2. Honestly, I am really happy for you that you found another girlfriend. Yeah, so you made it sound like you're just with her to get laid more than anything else and that's kind of icky, but at least one of us isn't turned off of relationships and is getting nookie, and she fits in with your lifestyle better anyway.

3. You should totally break up with your girlfriend. Loyalty or not, when she's done the things to you that she's done, IT'S TIME TO BREAK UP. And besides that, it's very obvious that you have a crush on someone else and she wouldn't pull the sort of crap that your girlfriend does.

4. Please, please, please don't get so attached to him. He's taken and he's made it clear that that's not going to change. I don't want you to get your little heart crushed.

5. If you're so freaked that he's going to leave you for her, then WHY DON'T YOU JUST FORBID HIM FROM SEEING HER instead of playing passive-aggressive about it?

6. I miss you, but it's been so many years since we were close that I just don't think that if I tried to contact you again, we could overcome that.

7. I think you are fabulous, and I wish we were closer friends, and I will be very sad when you move away.

8. I wish I could treat you better. I really do. If I could act better than I am doing, I would have by now.

9. I miss hanging out with you guys, and I'm sorry I've flaked out on getting together/calling for months on end. Then again, so have you, so I don't feel TOO bad about it, heh.

10. What the fuck is your PROBLEM? I can't figure out why you act so cold and hot. I really wish I could find out, but I know damned well that I won't ever know- and that irritates me. I'd like to be nice and assume you have good reasons for your behavior, but it's far more likely that you're being a dick for no good reason, isn't it? I think it's great that you're leaving the state for weeks and I won't have to worry about seeing you around for the rest of the year.

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