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It Happened Again... (Monday Party #2)

2009-12-15, 8:29 a.m.

I had two parties to go to yesterday. Since I got photographs at one of them, but not the other, and given that the second party went on all night, I haven't had time to Photoshop, so I'll talk about the other one later.

The party I went to last night was thrown by two friends, the guy that's a chef (presumably his restaurant must have been closed last night) and his girlfriend. Finding their new house was a pain in the ass in the dark on the bus, but I eventually got there. It is a cute house, though. I also got to see their new cute cat.

However. I thought this was a party with our main friend group and associates, but it turned out that the chef invited a bunch of his coworkers as well. And right around the time that I'm thinking, "uh-oh, who the hell knows is gonna be showing up to this," a dude walked in the door and I looked at him and thought, "oh, THAT ONE is gonna cause me trouble." Sure 'nuff, that's the one that followed me around for a good chunk of the night.

It probably didn't help that he had a certain name that I have had pretty bad experiences with 90% of the folks with it (guys with that name tend to get crushes on me unless they are uberpopular or gay. Stupid, but true), and he was probably the only one at the party around my actual age. So, of course he did. I'll be fair, he's probably a nice enough guy and I don't think the chef picks asses for friends. I just don't like pushy and he was doing the Subtle Pushy, but not all that subtly. He gave off a wee bit of irritating vibe as well. At some point he insisted on teaching another friend cribbage (I already knew how and was all, "Um, don't you need a scoreboard for this?", but he ignored it.). Later on, said friend's roommate was all, "I could tell he was annoying her, but I couldn't think of a way to get her out of there." It wasn't just me that was getting the treatment, at least (me, cribbage girl and another chick I didn't know were all getting chatted up at various points), but it was still weird.

Of course he wants to know Details about my life and I'm sitting in the corner knitting and trying not to share any. I had to mention my previous profession (an ex-coworker of mine lives down the street from these folks and he has a conspicuous car/house) and he was all, "I think I remember you." And I was thinking, "Dude, YOU DO NOT. I know for a fact that the last time I had my picture in the paper was about 1999, you don't know my byline, YOU ARE BULLSHITTING."

Happily, he got up and went into the kitchen at one point and I got up and ran upstairs to go look for the rest of my friends, who had gone off to look for the cat. They were all hanging out there for like an hour, and I made sure to stick to them for the rest of the night when we had to go downstairs for dinner. I would have liked to have mingled with other people instead of being That Girl Who Needs Bodyguards, but the dude didn't leave until about five minutes before I did and definitely kept hanging out where we were whenever he could, so...

Feh. Man, I hate the whole gender thing sometimes. I would have had a much better time (and the dinner was truly fabulous) if not for that. I really do suspect that I am pretty well asexual by now. Any time someone thinks I'm cute, I just want to run the hell away. "Give him a chance?" Fuck that.

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