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Recovery From A Crap Day

2012-12-15, 5:34 p.m.

So yesterday was a really stressful day. I ended up updating my previous entry around lunch to relate how I didn't make it to the dentist after all. Work was crazy busy as all hell, plus I had to finish a giant project before I left for 2 weeks and that ran into difficulties-- but I finished it with a whopping 10 minutes to spare in the day, so that was good. I barely heard about the school shooting, but....yeah, I don't even want to talk about that. Then I went to the train station, where the trains were running late because someone put a shopping cart on the train tracks. By then I was just kind of like, "well, that figures."

It turned out that we were having a holiday dinner with Mauricio that night. I insisted on having wine with dinner, even if it was $8 a glass. My last name is the same as a wine company, so I drank wine from there. It was supposed to be flavored with chocolate and cherries. I...guess so? Ah, hell, it was booze, good enough. Needed to take the edge off a stressful, kinda shit, long ass day.

Today, which I had kind of been dreading for the stress, actually went well. My eye doctor appointment went by ridiculously fast AND apparently my eyesight has actually IMPROVED in the last year. That happens? Go figure. My eye doctor called me a "rebel" for driving and drinking wine at dinner (but not together). Heh.

And after that, I followed Mom around while she did errands for awhile, and then I got my hair done. I've gone to this guy before (Kevin, who does the world's cheapest haircuts), but last time I only got a trim and I wasn't sure if he actually did hair style hair cuts. (He has a lot of male clientele, I think I was the only adult female customer in the place today. That includes the area of pedicures.) He did a pretty good job. We also discussed my getting highlights in my hair, because I am feeling the urge to dye again. We scheduled an appointment for some highlights on Thursday morning. My boss has blonde highlights in her hair and they look lovely, and I haven't had any since 2004, so what the heck.

After that we briefly hit the mall so Mom could get something or other done, and I picked out a couple of presents. We went to Martinez and did a little shopping, and then I took the train home. It's freaking pouring rain now, and I am waiting for it to die down before I go hang out with the cat for the rest of the night.

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