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The Work Party (Monday Party #1)

2009-12-16, 9:01 a.m.

So the work party (second of two parties to recall on Monday) happened. Here's the notable dessert of the day: snowmen and penguins. The penguins were hand-sculpted chocolate, while the snowmen, well...were donut holes. ("At least you're honest.")

The penguins/snowmen were made by the tech guy's significant other. Out of four prizes given at the office baking contest, Tech Guy (er, his girlfriend) won THREE of them, which pretty much ticked off a lot of people. ("He won the Thanksgiving contest too! This is rigged!" and "How many mugs does his girlfriend need?" came up in conversation.) Now, we all like the dude. I'd like to point that out before I get to the point where we did the Office Present Stealing Game (whatever you call that) and Tech Guy had gifts stolen from him over and over and over and over and over again. I lost track of how many times he got stolen from before he finally got to keep (on third steal) a dog-ball-thrower toy.

I was one of the ones who stole from him: I got an Indiana Jones Lego set on the third steal. I snuck up behind him, grabbed it, and yelled, "THIRD STEAL!" just to be extra obnoxious about it. But I was thoroughly excited. Helps to be four from the end in the number draw by a long shot, doesn't it? And that was the best thing in there to me, so huzzah! I am also thrilled that it came with an Indy and a Marian(!) minifig. I love finding female minifigs, especially ones from the movies.

The gift I brought (cow tipping mug) got stolen twice, which pleased me. Nice to see something I brought be popular, you know?

Other popular gifts in the event:
(a) the OTHER lego set, space patrol or something. (Ironically, big boss is a Lego fan and never got near any of the Lego sets because he was too early in the draw. Poor guy, he never gets the Lego.)
(b) Ceramic poop. Stolen a few times, I think.
(c) a pig puppet that also sang, that was the first thing to go for 3 steals
(d) a rubber band shooter, brought by the big boss himself and passed around
(e) A giant remote, also stolen from Tech Guy.
(f) various ornaments.

One guy who also likes the toy gifts ended up with stationary, which he was not happy with. Towards the end someone finally stole it from him, much to his delight, but the good toys (like mine) had gone for 3 times by now, so he ended up with ornaments.

A good time was had by all.

Oh, and a follow-up: the original purchaser of the pig bought Stationary Guy a pig to give to his kid the next day. Awww.

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