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I Made A Silly Hat

2010-12-16, 8:05 p.m.

This year's "work party" entry is gonna be pretty short. We had Mexican food (which, I have to say, always seems a little strange to me when I associate holiday meals with like, sugar rather than spice. I got yelled at by those who grew up with enchiladas for Christmas dinner when I said that, though), there was a dessert contest and as usual I only had one or two bites of everything before getting full. I'm amused at how horrified people are when I bring one of everything back to the table... but then when I finish none of it, I feel kind of guilty. Oh well. I like dessert a lot better when there's only 1-3 kinds of it around, I suspect. Brownies + cookies + fudge + red velvet cupcakes + some kind of pumpkin cheesecake + some kind of cupcake/snowball/Oreo lollipop (this won the contest) makes me OD on sugar quite fast.

I also wore this to the office party, which I have been working on for most of a week and happily finished last night. Alas, I can't get the pictures of it on my head off my camera for some strange reason, so you'll just have to look at it flat. People were amused, and wanted to know how the lights worked (I bought a set with a battery pack). It's almost too big for my head, but it stayed on throughout the party as long as I didn't wiggle too badly. Fun times! I left it at the office for the rest of our time there because it gives us a tree that they won't make the fire department spray first.


This year's "stealing the gifts" was fairly amusing but not spectacularly so, most people fought over a Toy Story toy for their kids and a cat wreath. I think I need to bring something more interesting next year that people can wrestle over. My neighbor at the table got stolen from three times. She opened a bag of chocolate, had it stolen from a dude, then got a bunch of marinades that got stolen. THEN she decided to grab back her own gift that she bought... and had THAT stolen. She finally stole someone's chocolate mug. Well, at least she got SOME food product!

As for me, I got this:


I'm leaving it at the office as a warning to others. Or possibly to use it to cut cakes when we can't find a big knife again. I suspect I'd get in trouble if I took it out of the box and left it in the display block at work though... Since this was as close to an office toy (Toy Story not withstanding) as there was this year, I"m amused to have gotten it.

The rest of my day was spent dealing with The New Bloglines. For you Google Reader folks, I've been using Bloglines, with its lovely "save for later" and "lets me read each feed by itself and not in one giant $%%$#$ page" features, for years. Then they said they were going to kill it, so I imported everything to Google Reader, hated it, and decided to keep on using Bloglines until the bitter end. Which kept being put off and put off, and then finally they said another company would take over! Huzzah! Then they said they'd switch everything over by December 1, and then didn't. And then I forgot about the whole switchover drama until oh, btw, with no warning, the new Bloglines is up.

First off, it didn't import like... probably half my feeds, I think. So I had to literally sit there and manually click on them to put them in, which took, no joke, about five hours because new Bloglines is slooooooooooow. I got a lot of work done at work today (using another browser) because I'd go click on a feed, go work on something, eventually come back and find it loaded, click again, wait for it to load.... so, yeah. Very tedious.

So far I am confused, mostly. I found a "widget" setting that let me look at feeds individually, THANK GOODNESS, and it lets you drag and drop feeds into different folders. I like this idea in principle, and it's something I wanted to do in old Bloglines except it was too tedious. BUT the drag and drop process itself was also sloooooooooow and awkward and hard to operate with the slowness. It's going to take me a very damn long time to get this stuff all foldered. Argh.

Man, I hate change sometimes. I feel like I did years ago when I stupidly told my last ex he could rearrange my room and came home to find it absolutely trashed while he did it. "Everything's a mess in here! I can't read anything! God only knows what's lost in this pit!"

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