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2016-12-17, 9:39 a.m.

This is a placeholder entry. My mom’s wireless is totally not working (she called Comcast weeks ago and got the password changed, who the HELL knows what they put in there as her password but now also the router doesn’t seem to work, I keep asking her to call Comcast again and she won’t because she’s freaking out about her gutters) so I probably can’t actually post anything for...I don’t know how long. I did manage to talk Mom into having us stay at her friend Pat’s (the one where we pet sat last year, except now with no dog, sigh), since Pat will let us and really, there’s no room for me in Mom’s house. At least the wireless works there.

The tentative plans are:

(a) At some point today I leave here to drive my car and all my crap (see below) to the Bay Area, then we drive back up here in one car to Sacramento for my show tonight, then go back to the Bay.

(b) Tomorrow: Dickens Fair.

(c) Approximately weekdays next week will hopefully be in Santa Cruz, though I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get there yet (still looking into the viability of public transport vs. Mom freaking out if I drive).

(d) Then back to the Bay for Christmas.

You know what sucks? Packing for 2+ weeks of being gone, and I have to pack bulky warm sweaters that fill up the suitcase instantly and all my bags are beyond FULL, and that's going to be an issue if I try to take public transport. Plus entertainment (books and yarn) and all the gifts I wrapped for others and presents people gave me that I’m saving for Christmas...that’s a lotta shit to fit in the car. Oy.

Anyway...more later, though I don’t know when.

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