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I Don't Want To Be Here Any More

2019-12-17, 5:23 p.m.

Today at work:

* An enormous number of people had Dire Emergency Problems. So much for "quiet week," because we don't have one. Our office argued, why do we have to deal with this situation that is being thrust upon us by others when we're the ones who deal with the screaming and crying, and were told that the decision that causes Dire Problems in a thousand people per season is not up to us to make.
* I am supposed to be providing people with workload because it's "slow," except it's not, so who knows when that is getting done.
* Someone was screaming at one of our employees so badly that she had to leave, someone else took over, and then the harassing person had a seizure on our floor, and then refused medical attention because they had no health insurance. Apparently lots of professionals from various industries were called in for this, and turns out Seizure Guy is a Known Chronic Behavior Problem. I love how BigBoss and her boss were walking in when this was going down, too.
* Another coworker was having her angina act up, so when the original employee returned and saw paramedics, she thought that one had a heart attack.
*And then two more people got reported on to authorities today for calling an employee stupid to her face.
* Seizure Guy has a girlfriend, who I was told was very nice. WHY IS SOMEONE WHO IS AN ASSHOLE MANAGE TO GET A GIRLFRIEND?!?!? And why am I such a loser that I can't "catch a man?" I guess it's like Loretta said once: "A guy can be gross and everything and still find somebody."
* By the end of phone call time, everyone was saying that this was the worst day in the office. And that is saying something when all the days are bad.

I am grateful that nobody made me go on the phones today, so thank god for that, or else I'd be home contemplating....well, no comment.

As for me:

* I was supposed to get a UPS shipment from the East Coast on Monday, but fucking UPS decided that instead of delivering it, shipped it back to the East Coast instead for no good reason. GODDAMN I HATE UPS SO FUCKING MUCH WHY MUST THEY HIRE SUCH IDIOTS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. To their credit, the Important Documents Company spent a large amount of money to redo everything and have it shipped to me in a rush, so let's hope it all shows up by Thursday when I really need it.
* A website I need to have working stopped working for no good reason. At least that got fixed.
* An idiot who paid for expensive international shipping somehow "refused" the delivery, then contacted us a month ago to complain that she didn't receive it. I passed her on to the shipping company. A month later, guess who's contacting us again to claim that she still didn't receive it? I contacted the shipping company AGAIN and they said they contacted her multiple times and she never responded. And here she is again. God, I hate people so much.
* Please don't leave me a frantic message with nothing but your phone number begging me to call you immediately, then proceed to not be at home and have no voice mail set up or any other way to find or contact you. Because guess what, YOU DID NOT GET YOUR HELP TODAY! AND THAT IS NOT MY FAULT! This was seriously for something I could have solved in like, a minute, or over email, but nooooooo, you had to be an idiot.
* Someone emailed us wanting to say we were coming to her meeting tomorrow. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO YOUR DAMN MEETING TOMORROW. I DO NOT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE AND I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE.

Yes, I had therapy today, but I still feel more miserable and just got more and more down throughout the day, obviously (I was still relatively fine during therapy time and then the day....see above.). I cannot stand winter, I don't want to be here in my life and especially in my job. I don't even have karaoke to look forward to since most likely everybody isn't going AGAIN. I haven't decided as of this writing as to whether or not I'm going to go when they are dropping like flies. Stay home and drink, or go out and drink and either way feel mopey as FUCK.

I don't know how I am going to drag through the next three days at work. I have to go to work because of the Important Documents issue and ride asses, so I can't call in sick, but man, I do not want to be here. In winter, in work, in my life situation, any and all of the above. I can't even pretend that I want to be here or care AT ALL about almost everything.

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