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A Lot Of Books And Hats

2011-12-18, 10:07 p.m.

So it is 9 o'clock and I am back from (my presumably last, *sob*) Victorian Christmas in Nevada City. Mom got to my house pretty early,but we ended up spending a few hours in Grass Valley doing more than just picking up everyone's Christmas jewelry presents. There is a freaking awesome co-op bookstore in there that I found tons and tons of tree-hugging hippie books in there. I went home with seven. Reasonably priced ones, too. So that was awesome. But we didn't actually get over to Nevada City until 2-ish. And despite this morning starting out cold and foggy as hell, it was actually kinda warm in Nevada City, enough to go around without a coat for a few hours. First time for that one.

I ended up getting MORE books over there (3), but other than that I was bizarrely restrained. (Of course, I say "bizarrely restrained" after dropping a ton of money on books...clearly I miss actual bookstore shopping.) I didn't get any fairy or butterfly-related stuff, which I was pondering doing. I found a blingy kid's tiara that I kinda wanted, except it was clearly too small to stay on my head.

I also had a million opportunities to ponder Wither Animal Hats? Answer: at like, every third craft booth and on every single head of kids and on most of the adults too. I am not normally a trendy person-- hell, I usually don't notice a trend exists until it beats me over the head-- but I do kind of want one of those earflap animal hats. And I found one that was RAINBOW

...and pondered getting it...and tried it on... and I still looked freaking stupid somehow. I also tried on a moose one that I rather liked, but that looked silly too. Oh well, that's why I'm making my own, right?

I am proud of finding a pink patchwork knitted and lined sweater jacket for Mom that was totally her color scheme and apparently the last of its kind at the booth. The guy told us that some guy had wanted one so bad that he was trying it on even though it didn't remotely fit him. Well, we won that one, didn't we?

We ended up staying later than usual--good thing it runs until 6 or so. It was pretty at night, but definitely got colder. Then we went to Lou La Bonte's and had an excellent meal, just like the good old days when we went there after coming back from Montana. It's nice to have that California cuisine after getting uh, really sick of fried chicken at every mean. (And I say that as someone who adores the fried chicken.)

I really like that area of Northern California. I hope to god I can come back in the winter again someday. Right now I have my doubts, of course, which makes me sad. What if I"m not employed next year and can't go anywhere, what if I can never come back in December again for some reason.... It freaks me out.

We went to the bookstore that we always go to there where the owner specializes in hippie books, and I always have a chat with her about this stuff. Mom got in to talk to her earlier than I did and told her for me about moving. Well, saved me the trouble of saying, "oh god, this is probably the last time I"m ever seeing you again, even though I only do it 1-2 times a year I really like it, WAH," I suppose, but I still feel that way. But it is freaking hard to explain the situation even to myself, much less to others. I feel like I'm still bullshitting.

Anyway...I've uploaded the new pics to the Nevada City album, starting over here.

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