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The End of Lucifer

2021-12-18, 8:17 a.m.

Friday recap: LAST DAY OF WORK!!!!! It was actually pretty blissfully quiet and I only got pissed off at one point during the day, when technology was failing. 3 out of the 4 people who requested rush Important Documents paid their money, so that shit is done. I did the monthly order. I whittled down the emails from over 100 to 66. I went to lunch with Rachel, so that was fun.

I would like to roll my eyes at the lady who sent something to the Gods of the Giant Org TODAY AT 4:40 P.M. asking permission to have her thing done TODAY. Per the lady who works for them a few weeks ago, they were all stopping work after today at 5, and when some other lady previously asked about the possibility of getting her thing done on the last day in the last two hours of today, I told her this wasn't a good idea and she said okay, fine, I'll postpone until January. This one...not so much. Um, good luck with that, my coworkers! I hit the forward button but I am sure they'll just...y'know, forget or ignore or something.

Today was the last day of a few people: one of our managers had her retirement party online today. I didn't realize that my camera was being defective/mute that morning so nobody heard me and I just thought people were being rude and ignoring what I was saying...oh well :P My old boss (the guy one) was on it and it was good to see him again. He's so gray now and he's like 2 years younger than me. To be fair, he's got the whole dark-hair-poops-out-early thing going on, though. And it was Luis's last day.

I am having chocolate wine tonight, since I won't have the time/will have to drive pretty much the rest of the time. Celebrate good times alone!

I don't have much else to say tonight, other than I have been using Teleparty (shared viewing app thing) to watch Lucifer with my friends Mike and Jess in New Mexico. It's kinda like the old days when I lived at their house for a few months and we went through Highlander the TV show. We decided to pick a show and snark on it, and I picked Lucifer, and there we go. Finally finished it tonight (they choose Witcher next, whenever I get to that...dunno on my schedule the next 2 weeks), I feel exhausted now :P


I got bitched out a bit yesterday for spoiling the end of Mandalorian season 2 and was all (a) if you care about the show, GET TO WATCHING IT SOONER, FFS and (b) how the hell did you manage to stay in a bubble for most of a year about that anyway?!?! Like I had that spoilered pretty damn fast the day of and these days you gotta get up at the crack of dawn to avoid that sort of thing. (Also, hey, who is somehow completely unaware that something happened to a character on "And Just Like That?" That is ALL OVER THE PLACE.)

Anyway, fine, since I'm still trying to come up with some entry and I can't watch the new Hallmarks on Frndly TV as yet, I shall get a bit bitchety about the ending of Lucifer.

I'm not particularly into Lucifer and Chloe as a couple. At least not until the last few episodes, I suppose. But even as a not-particularly-shipping-this person, I found the ending somewhat annoying. Look, the idea of Lucifer realizing he can get people out of their hell loops (via therapy, love it) is great. They planted that seed a season or two ago, that's great. But this whole shenanigans about how he has to abandon Chloe and their kid for the rest of Chloe's life time loop thing is pretty suck and depressing. Bleeech on that level of depressing.

It's a somewhat Good Place ending, with them reuniting after she finally dies, which is legit on this show. Which isn't as bad, has more of a "happy ending" than some shows I've seen. I didn't go looking for spoilers but saw enough hints of fans being unhappy about this one (I note that Lucifer doesn't have Baby Yoda popularity so I guess it was possible to deliberately avoid spoilers?) and I can certainly see why.

In other thoughts:
Are Amenadiel and Linda still together while he's God? How does that work? Is he still hanging around as a cop too?
Did Linda actually have sex with Adam and um....why was this thrown in and never acknowledged? What was that shit?
I'm amused at Charlie suddenly busting out wings. I guess that explains why Linda and Chloe don't have...well, let's not think about birthing angel wings, shall we.

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