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A Whining Sick Entry

2008-12-19, 11:42 a.m.

(Note: I am posting ahead a bit because I know I won't be getting any update done Sunday. I don't want to play so much catchup.)

So, what have I been up to while I've been posting past entries this week? (More to come during break, probably, or next week if it's dull.)

Not much.

* Am still cramming in working on Christmas gifts. I have to make two cell phone holders, two more hats, a poncho, and a scarf STILL. I cannot wait until I can start making stuff for MYSELF again, with the books I am getting for Christmas.

* The weather is literally freezing here. My heater is broken (though apparently it will be fixed by the time I have guests in the house tonight, yay). I need say no more on how pleasant that's been.

* I am...semi-sick? I hate to blog about "I'm SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK" because I get bored of other people's blogging about being sick, but I am in a weird stage. I was actually sick Thursday/Friday, was better for maybe another 36 hours, and then went into this weird stage where I have the following um, symptoms.

** All my limbs are constantly, frantically itchy every time I expose any of them to air. I am literally clawing my own skin off and have scratches everywhere. This is disturbing, but I can't stop myself. I never had chicken pox (no, I still don't), but I can't help but wonder if this is what it feels like to have it. I also wonder if I should like, trim off all my nails right now, though that's inconvenient for stuff like peeling off price tags, so no. I can't help but wonder if this is some sort of weird symptom because my apartment is so damn cold.
** Whether or not my nose is stuffy is kind of all over the map.
** I have developed a Cough. (Not to mention, that lovely feeling where you feel like you have something stuck in the middle of your throat that won't go back down OR come back up.) This is what really worries me, because it's reminding me too much of years ago when I had this permanent post-pneumonia cough for a year that nothing would treat, and I would cough so hard I'd throw up five times in a row about every other day or so. This kind of feels like that and it really worries me. I don't want to go through that again...especially at a time of year where I won't be able to work out and get that crud out of my system (that's what cured it the last time- a few weeks of working out got rid of the cough) for a few weeks. Ugh. I can't help but wonder if the Cough is also being caused by my cold house, since it gets worse when there and better/almost nonexistent when I am at work. I also love the part where I don't sleep 'cause I'm coughing.
** And then today, my voice is cracking and going and I sound like a frog. I have two appointments and a lunch I have to talk through today, so THAT's gonna be awkward. Oh yeah, and then I go out of town for the rest of the weekend.

Other than the Cough and the voice, I actually feel fine, but I sound like crap. Bleah.

* I hate winter. I hate either being too hot (under all my layers) or too cold ALL THE TIME. I feel fat (again, all those layers), ugly, and just plain miserable. And now it's even snowing in warm places. What the hell is that?! I am just so uncomfortable all the time right now.

In other news, Mom and I will be utterly by ourselves for Christmas, as nobody wants us. The evil relatives haven't issued a last-minute invite yet, and the other side ah, pointedly did NOT invite us. Lovely. We are so the "Not our kind, dears" of both sides of relatives. Even Mauricio won't come over.

So, I don't know how that's gonna go. No relative drama (might this be a trainwreck-free holiday? Okay, probably not), no hostess drama. Both of those are good. On the other hand, it's not so good that Mom and I will be stuck in the house all day long together with nowhere to go, which means she'll probably start throwing fits about cleaning. I really would rather just Go Somewhere Else, or have a Jewish Christmas with Chinese food and movies, but she has mostly vetoed the Jewish Christmas thing ("Chinese food at the holidays is just wrong.") Ugh. This may or may not go well.

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