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2018-12-19, 6:34 a.m.

For December 18. This was a very busy day and has about three days worth of entries on its own, probably. I'm not even done with everything yet so this will be continued.

Part A: To recap for everyone else who doesn’t read this thing at all all year, I am very very very very fed up with the on-site apartment manager. I don’t know what happened to the last one a few years ago, but she left unexpectedly and they asked if anyone in the complex would be willing to do the job (presumably for free rent). Well, this girl volunteered and she has been the worst one I’ve ever had. She was kind of intermittent at best and now at this point perennially has her phone off, takes days to respond, has to be phone nagged, starts talking so softly you can’t hear her on the phone, always has excuses, claimed she came into my apartment when requested and she didn’t, etc.

Ever since I moved into this apartment, the toilet has been awful (runs all the time, sometimes refuses to flush even after violent jiggling of the handle), I’ve called her about it multiple times a year and there’s always some excuse as to why she can’t get some repair person to come over. I’m not allowed to call the plumber, I have to call the repair guy (so why can’t we do that last one?), etc, etc. bullshit. I’ve had to call multiple times when my garage disposal has gone out twice and did you know that you get fruit flies if you can’t run your disposal at least once a week? Guess how I learned this. The last time I got the toilet fixed--well, the handle replaced, anyway--it was because I happened to be here at the time when they were changing the locks. The last time I got the disposal fixed was because I finally had to give up and tattle to her boss because her voicemail was full and her phone was off. For fuck’s sake. (This is when she claimed she’d come in a few days ago. No, you didn’t.)

The handle put on the toilet wasn’t a perfect fit--apparently they don’t make short handles for the toilet any more so I had to get a long one?--but at least it was working, even if the toilet continued to phantom flush itself pretty frequently, to more frequently. And then the last few days the handle’s been going out. So this morning, it refused to flush at all.


I had already arranged to be out this morning getting the oil changed on my car, so that was an advantage on my part. I left messages on her phone (off AGAIN), on her boss’s phone, and e-mailed all the e-mail messages. By the time I got out of the mechanic’s--I am happy to report that nothing else is wrong on it during its checkup this time--the repair guy came over, saying he came over when he got the message and needed my permission to get in or else he’d have to wait on Little Miss Do-Nothing’s permission to get in. So I got some detailed instructions for him--not to mention his direct contact info--and suggestions to start contacting him and the boss directly when she doesn’t respond. It sounds like a lot of people are very fed up with her not doing anything lately.

Anyway, this time he noted that the chain is too long for the new handle and that’s causing an issue--he tried a new chain, then tried tying it shorter, said the flapper was fine, then we discussed whether or not it has a leak and whether or not it’s bad enough to have to replace the entire toilet. “Oh, only if it’s running like that at least once an hour.” “OH YEAH IT IS.” The toilet helpfully cooperated by running constantly and misbehaving the entire time, so he said he’d get me a new toilet on Friday. THANK FUCKING GOD.

I also had him listen to the garbage disposal, which is making more and more disturbing noises. “Should it sound like that?” “No, it should not sound like that.” (sticks hand down disposal) “Looks like the blades are loose. So I should be getting a new one of those two on Friday. THANK FUCKING GOD.

This is the fun ethical dilemma here: “I know she’s had a baby, but....” And apparently she has other personal dramaz going on as well. But after a while it’s like, for fuck’s sake, you can’t have your phone on and make a phone call to the repair guy? Ever? Some people, once they get the apartment...slack off, I guess. I’m sure she loves the no rent, but if she’s that bad at the job, they need to give her the boot and find someone else already. I daydream about her moving out on her own, but so far no luck.

As a person who is forced to serve and help for a living and thus be abused and yelled at, I don’t want to have to yell at someone in order to get them to do anything. I don’t want to be the bitch. I don’t want to make someone else feel like shit like I do all the time and I don’t want to have to squeal to the boss in order to get results.* I don’t want to have to be the bitch who tattles. But apparently being the bitch who tattles to the boss is the only thing that works here. I "ignore" every other problem in this apartment--pilot light not on**, perennially dripping fridge, some other stuff--because it's not a threat to health and safety and I don't have the time and energy to keep being a naggy bitch about them, because see how fucking hard it is to get anything done that's an emergency.

* note: this gets pulled on me at work fairly frequently. Guess what happens: the BigBoss and/or 2nd In Command then e-mails me going, “Is this something you deal with?” You think you’re gonna get somewhere by going to the top, but all you get is confused exec passing the buck back down where it belongs.
**See link for explanation of that one. In all honesty, the heater only heats the ceiling anyway and I have two plug in heaters that work better, should it get THAT bad. It's actually fine in here as long as you don't hang out by the windows. Also I just e-mailed the guy to add that to the list anyway.

Unfortunately, she is putting me in a position where in order for me to be able to pee in the proper receptacle in my own home, I have to be a tattler bitch. I have very low standards in life for human behavior. If you get me the food, even if it’s super late and I need to leave in five minutes, I’ll be annoyed but keep my mouth shut. (Or whatever the service example is.) But just straight up refusing to do the job? For fuck’s sake. It was nice to hear that others are annoyed too...and hey, if I want to complain to the boss, he can yell at her. I don’t know how I feel about that last bit though--even if it’s deserved.

Part A1: I am finally being moved out of the Shark Tank Thursday morning. Which means I am going to have to move all my shit (and make all of my decorations go away because they are not permitted in the call center) Wednesday after work because otherwise someone gasp, might hear noise out of me and become offended again. For fuck’s sake, but at least this should be the last time I have to deal with that...even if the constant noise will be worse. Joy.

Also, I went in the call center today for some reason or another and was asked, “Do you know the (head of the entire organization’s) phone number? Because an angry dad wants to call him.” Yeah, good luck with that. Also, let me Google that for you.

Part A2: I also wore the Hawaiian sweater to work for the building potluck lunch party and got the compliment “That is the cutest ugly sweater I have ever seen!”

I have far more to say about today, but I still need to do other stuff and upload pictures before I can do so, so to be continued.

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