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Holiday Orphans

2010-12-20, 7:47 p.m.

I really hate having to work when everything around me is closed. No restaurants are open, it's pouring rain, I am locked in the building. Whee. That is all.

So, it's about time I covered this topic, because it'll be coming up this week.

Mom and I currently have nowhere to spend the holidays. (My aunt continues not to invite us, and is all, "Oh, btw, we're going to Oregon for the entire week.") Mom was talking about going to Oregon herself to go visit one of the people we saw on vacation, but apparently that lady is still living in Bend rather than Bandon, and Mom does not want to go out to Bend in bad weather. Well, that's reasonable. Then she brought up going to LA.... and then again, didn't want to drive there. I said, "Uh, technically I could help with that," and she freaked, so despite all this crap for several months about how she wants to go on a trip, I guess we will be sitting about at someone's house. Feh.

The weird thing is that she sorta kinda wants to go to MY house instead of hers "because you have all the trees." Well, true, and while my place is a project-strewn disaster area, it's still got more space for sitting down than hers does. But having her in my space has plenty of issues. I pointed out that (a) she doesn't like my cooking, and (b) god only knows what's open for eating in this town on Thanksgiving (according to the local wiki, NOT Chinese food!). She was all, "I could bring a ham." I was all, "You are NOT going to like cooking in my kitchen. Nobody does if you spend longer than 5 minutes in there." (Since I hate cooking anyway, it's not an issue for me, but my roommates who liked cooking both complained about that being the one thing they didn't like about the apartment.) There is extremely little counter space, and even less with the dish drainer and microwave in there, I have maybe about a foot's worth of space to do anything, and I have been known to do cooking preparations like chopping and mixing ON the stove. She'd go ballistic.

I'm not sure if there is even a point in attempting to make plans for the day, such as oh, making reservations in San Francisco, because the second she gets a last minute invite from someone in the olde hometowne that she runs into this week, I know darn well we're going over there. So why bother to plan? And I said as much to her when she kept asking me what I wanted to do. One way or the other I am probably still going to be at my house until the 24th (Mom is taking Mauricio and his wife to the airport at the ass crack of dawn that day, so we both elected to not have her driving to get me the night before. Plus I do not want to go to the airport at 5 a.m., thanks), so I should probably pack up my stuff like I'll be leaving somewhere just in case.

I decided to do a tarot reading for this online-- question being, "will we be alone or with other people", and beats me. (Celtic Cross layout, for those that might care.)

Atmosphere surrounding the issue: 8 of Cups, grief, loss. There's no surprise.
Obstacle standing in your way: Wheel of Fortune. Theoretically a good change if it's right side up, but I was too lazy to do reversals, so.... Either way, something comes up at the last minute.
Your goal: The Lovers. Hah. Not this year.
Foundation of the situation: 7 of Swords, I'll just quote them directly: "An opportunity to withdraw from a hopeless situation and fight another day. Disengagement from a struggle you should never have been involved in. A desperate attempt to resolve a matter without conflict. The use of cleverness or outright deception to turn the tide in your favor."
So... yeah. Great.
Past influence: The Devil. Lovely!
Approaching influence: Four of Pentacles, feeling clingy and in need of security, fear of change. Again, no surprise there.
Card representing me: 7 of Pentacles: resting to review your labors.
Card representing other people: 3 of Swords, the broken heart card. No surprise again given who I'm dealing with.
Hopes and fears: Temperance card: balance, restraint, self-control.
Final result: Ace of Wands, seed of a new venture.

Um... beats me. Sounds like once again, it'll be a sad and crying holiday with Mom (like usual). Possible unexpectedness occurring, but I don't see any family-ish cards in here, so maybe we won't be with someone else's random family. I don't know. I wonder what could happen unexpectedly? Her agreeing to go to SF? I really don't know. Feh, it might have been more helpful to get some outcome-y cards besides "It's gonna be depressing!" Because uh, duh, I already knew that. If I had to place a bet I'd go with "no invites" given the general depressingness of this, though.

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