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Weekend Craft Roundup

2012-11-20, 12:19 p.m.

On Saturday, L took me to a craft group she'd joined in Sacramento upon moving here--they were having a meeting at Panera. It was fun to walk in wearing a handmade sweater (this one) and have people instantly recognize it from Knitty and want me to take my jacket off and model. That was fun. People brought knitting or needlepoint, one chick brought notecards she was making. We had food and chatted and it was fun. I'll tag along again if she wants to bring me again.

Then we went to Harvest Festival. I am very glad I introduced her to this, it was sooooo up her alley. She's been taking wood classes the last few quarters and was eyeballing wood products all over the place. She bought a cribbage board and some wooden earrings. I even ended up buying wood-- a nice wooden hair stick with three prongs and an S-shape that really stays in your hair even if you try to headbang. Good job! I also got some new ear cuffs, got an earring fixed that had lost its jump ring, and had fun at the AnKara booth (hi, you two!) buying more hair implements and a pin. I'm glad I got to introduce L to their work and she was as entranced as I always am. She was very impressed at the quality of this fair.

Of course, I plan on going back next week... I bought some star wire earrings years ago and lost one. The vendor doesn't sell them any more, but said if I could bring them the earring they'd make me another. Very nice of them!

Mom's annual "Wah, Aunt Susie doesn't pay enough attention to me!" snit has started early this year. On Sunday she was all pouty that my aunt hadn't called her yet to tell her what food to bring, and was all, "She forgot us" and "Maybe we're being ditched" and "Where can we go in your town for Thanksgiving dinner?" I was rolling my eyes and thinking, "Come ON. She may not invite us for Christmas, but she has never forgotten your ass at Thanksgiving." Sure 'nuff, Mom got the call an hour later.

Argh. This drama has to start EARLY this year?

She also is being all noncommittal about hitting the usual craft fairs this year, for no good reason. I don't like this.

As for the rest of Sunday, I just spent the day playing with yarn and going to knitting group. And writing this knitting rant that I decided was more appropriate to post on the craft blog instead, so if you care, there you go.

On Monday, two wacky things happened:

(a) I went into the arboretum at lunch and saw this guy with a hand-picked bouquet of flowers. He was dropping little sprigs of leaf down the path every few feet. I deduced (correctly) that he was laying out a path for his significant other. The spot I was going to sit at was already occupied, so I wandered down the path a bit and saw the guy put the bouquet down on a picnic table, then he hid behind a nearby tree. I took a spot at the picnic table overlooking this scene, whipped out my camera phone and put it on zoom, and took a few shots of the romance starting here.. My shots aren't great and ethically this is kinda not great, but it was all so very cute and I just thought it should be preserved somehow. Girlfriend's got a keeper there. I kind of wish I knew either one of them to pass on the pics, but oh well. Romance isn't dead in this town, at least, for some people.

(b) On my way home from the gym, I saw Ol' Squeaky! I was crossing the street and when I heard a car stopping with those distinctive brakes.... yup, that was from an old white Volvo!

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