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2004-01-21, 7:53 p.m.

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Well, tonight's just sucked.

(1) Found out tonight that Heather has a job interview tomorrow for a massive promotion, about two levels up from what she does now, her dream job for later on. Company car, company laptop, company cell, 40 thou. Just as long, however, as she's willing to move to the Bay Area. Apparently the problem with the job is that you drive around the East Bay to different stores, and so far they've only hired people living in Sacramento who commuted, then got fed up and quit. Nobody's a 100% lock on the job- Heather's a bit low to be up for it, there's someone who would be perfect but refuses to move from Sac, and someone else with some problem or other. She'd probably end up quitting school, but it's not going well anyway and she could just change majors and lower the number of courses she needs to take anyway.

She says she wouldn't bail out on me, she'd still pay rent here and live here on weekends and get a cheap room with one of several folks she knows on weekdays if she had to. Though I do wonder about this- it is Bay Area and Bay Area costs and all (they don't give any moving benefits), could she even do that? I am kinda scared. I don't wish to jinx by any means, but I'd feel a lot better if she was up for this interview say, later than halfway through the lease.

(2) The good news is that Granddaddy is doing a lot better- kidneys are working, he's awake and TV watching- but they still want Mom to go up there Friday and tell them what she wants to do regarding a DNR order. If they fail again, are they willing to put him on dialysis or let him die, anyway. Mom is all "I couldn't pull the plug," Aunt Susie apparently would (Mom has the power here though), and I said, "Uh, why don't you ask him what he'd want to do?" As long as he's compos mentis, I'd say not to do it, and only to do it if he mentally dies first.

We are getting along better from the last time I mentioned this- apparently she was feeling snappy at Aunt Susie. She still is- they went to visit him last weekend and not only did Aunt Susie show up late because Cassie had to go to a bunny competition, they had the bunnies in the car (plus Alicia bought one) and then they left early supposedly because they didn't want the rabbits to get cold in the car. Mom was pretty pissed at that. I'm like, "well, that's Aunt Susie for you." (What I didn't say was "You should know she doesn't care all that much about Granddaddy compared to you by now.")

She asked if I wanted to come home this weekend (I haven't made any plans any way), but I don't know if I'd just make her feel worse for not feeling the same as her if I went anyway. She was crying when we got off the phone.

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