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O Christmas Trees

2010-12-21, 3:46 p.m.

I saw this link via a Holidailies link the other day, and thought it seemed like a cool idea. I'm a little late to go submit over there, and I don't really decorate the WHOLE house exactly, and I THINK I have managed to figure out how to cheat and post pics without too much drama and crap... what the hell.

Obviously, 95% of my decor around here is my tiny tacky tree collection, which I am ridiculously proud of.


Here's half of the original Tiny Tree forest. It stays up all year where it is, to be honest. Hell, I don't care, it's my house and I can do what I like, and given the crazy colors, I say they can stay up all year long.

I was pretty happy to find a large stash of tacky glitter stars at Target ($1 apiece!) this year, so they've made it onto most of the trees. I have a hard time finding any that fit small trees. Heck, as you can tell from some of the trees, I have a hard time finding any small ornaments, too. The striped tree continues to be undecorated, the rainbow tree's ornaments are too big. The lime green tree is island and duck-themed. The purple tree has red on it for uh... Red Hat members? I don't know. The pink tree has a tacky fur tiara and pink disco balls, as is appropriate for such a thing. Note copy of Love Actually on counter.

That tiny little green one is a BEADED tree, which usually can have earrings hanging off of it or something.

The normally-colored tree is the first one I ever had as a kid, decorated in traditional ornaments just like I used to do. The purple-pink tree is the first one I bought in a larger size. It didn't come in smaller, but it was just too cool. Again, note giant ornaments. The ornament at the front says that "this time next year, you will be fighting the zombie plague, so enjoy this holiday season while you can." Especially funny since I just read Feed and the zombie plague breaks out in 2014. Three more years to go!

These trees currently reside on top of the convection oven. I used to be able to fit all of the tiny trees on my ottoman (the black thing on the right, but the big ones defy that and now sit in strange places around the house.

I got these trees last year at the end of the season, this is their first year going up. Stupidly, I noticed this year that I already HAVE teal and silver (tinier) trees (see below). Oops. I put them up after all of the live TV was done for the year that I am likely to watch, because as you'll notice, they are pretty much sitting ON the TV antenna. Yes, I'm that cheap and ghetto and don't pay for cable, so normally this space is empty while I try to get fairly decent reception. Note cheesy Santa photo (Victorian Santa?) posed so as to hide antenna, LIKE YOU CAN HIDE AN ANTENNA.

I've mentioned the issues of finding small ornaments and tree toppers. That's why these two are ah, themed trees, with lovely pool ball ornaments on each (also gotten last year).

The tree toppers are particularly special.

Mini-003 Mini-002

I got the green star a few years ago at the fairy store in Nevada City and LOVE it. It normally lives on the purple-pink tree, but I thought I'd move it over this year. It might be a bit big for these sized trees, but oh well.

I bought the glass one on the right this year and was delighted to have found it at a craft fair. The lady who made it was glad she brought them back. I think another ornament of hers is on the pink tree above, but you can't see it in the pic.

On the other end of the living room, we have the Present Chair:


Moving into the hall, here's the holiday wreath I made in a class a few weeks ago. Though I decided that I was going with a Persephone theme because they had pomegranates, so it's a half-spring and half-fall wreath. Yes, it's attached to the fuse box because I had no idea where else to stick it.


And then farther down the hall, we have the rest of the Tiny Tree Collection, which also lives permanently atop the bookcase.

Yes, I found a few blue stars this year as well. Note duplicate tree colorations. The other stuff hanging off the bookcase are a feather boa, a flower scarf, and my Christmas lights advent calendar. I did not get around to filling the advent calendar this year, though (note that it's a bit tricky when you do it yourself).

And finally, in the bathroom we have....

...the other trees I bought last year, out for their first go-around. Yes, these can light up, though apparently I need another damn extension plug thing in order to do that. They're in the bathroom for nearness to a plug-- I'm too lazy to light up the other (regular green) tree with lights because positioning it somewhere near a plug in the living room is a pain. I figure if I dig up an extension doodah, they can also be night lights.

I got the tacky hot pink ornaments for these ones for half off at Borders. Yay tacky!

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