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Lost Priorities

2011-12-21, 7:03 p.m.

Things I Lost This Week So Far:

Monday: my work entry card, which fell off my belt once again on the way to work. Damn those stupid dollar store belt clips--those things are so effing flimsy. Either they fasten too loosely or they break the hell off.
Amount of grief this caused me on a scale of 1-10: 1. I've lost 'em before and they are easily replaced. I'm stuck using an actual lanyard for awhile until I hit the dollar store again for more cheap hangers (I like the lanyard I have, but that thing dangles into stuff).

Tuesday: the right hand of my favorite pair of gloves. They are of the fingerless glove with flip top mitten and slit on the thumb variety, made of gorgeous colored yarn. They're both extremely warm AND let me actually use my hands, which most of my warm gloves don't let me do and the fingerless gloves, well, you're making a compromise there.
Amount of grief this caused me on a scale of 1-10: 6. It's really ridiculous that I somehow have many, many pairs of gloves (because guess what, I stash them in all of my coat pockets and they periodically fall out), but somehow I ONLY lose one glove of the pairs that are my absolute favorite. Last year I had a pair of these awesome gloves in green and lost the left one...followed by my favorite pair of fingerless rainbow gloves, also losing the left one. And I couldn't find replacements of either.
This year, they were selling these gloves again at the co-op, which is when I got this lovely purple pair that I was taking great care not to lose...and guess the fuck what happened. Well, at least it's the right hand this now I am going around with one purple and one green glove. The only reason the grief factor isn't higher on this is because it looks like the co-op is restocking those gloves and hopefully I can find a third pair again...or just manage as is. It looks kind of ridiculous, but oh well, I'm me and people expect that.
But I was so upset about the glove-- I didn't even go very far yesterday, I looked everywhere and the glove had utterly vanished, and I really just spent about 10-20 minutes walking around to lose it in the first place that day-- that I basically went home and sulked about it instead of going to the gym or something else useful.

Wednesday my wallet. I have been hanging out in a restaurant area at work during lunch this week because (a) it's too cold for outside, (b) can't go to the CC, and (c) with most people gone, I actually have the ability to snag a table in there. I grabbed my wallet and shoved it in my pocket at the last moment just in case I decided to get something. I did not get something, and had no idea I'd lost it until I got back into work and my coworker was all, "Have you checked your cell phone?" (Of course not.) "Boss found your wallet, it's right there." Apparently she found it right by the door right after I'd walked out.
Amount of grief this would have caused me: 10.

WHEW. I didn't even have time to get freaked out about it being lost the way I have the other times it's fallen out of a pocket. That happened once in a roommate's car, which she then left overnight in Sacramento, and one time when it fell out at Borders, but I managed to find it in time. The thing is, I wouldn't have even THOUGHT about it being lost because of it being so last-minute that I put it in there. I wouldn't have thought about it at all until days later when I am likely to go buy something, and then OH SHIT TO THE INFINITE POWER OF OH SHIT would have happened, right at Christmas.

That really makes you rethink things. I'm still upset about that glove, but it doesn't screw my whole life over to lose a glove. And for all the "I NEVER find something even after I backtrack, godDAMMIT" thoughts I have been having lately, at least I have yet to lose anything super important and life-screwing-over like my wallet. That, at least, has always turned up!

In other news:

Christmas Shoes Wins The Bracket!

I really like this Christmas miracle story. I relate to it.

While I was proofreading a gigantic document today, I found a treasure trove of Festivus, Kwanzaa, Yule, and atheist songs on YouTube. I've always wanted holiday songs beyond Christmas and Hanukkah for my collection, and now they exist! I could make an entire mix CD of all the Festivus stuff I found. For Yule, I found a song about how Santa Claus was pagan (hah), and a lot of redone Christmas carols done for pagans. And a couple of super weird ones. I didn't find that much for atheists yet, but Steve Martin and Vienna Teng have a nice song apiece. As for Kwanzaa, all of the songs are pretty Serious (I guess that's not a holiday you can poke fun at), but I at least found some with some good beats. I'm posting them on my silly links blog in the next few days, I'll try to remember to post the link to the collections in the next few days.

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