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Bridget Walk

2016-12-21, 2:07 p.m.

I slept in Tuesday, yay, and then we kind of bummed around the house all morning to mid afternoon, talking about craft stuff and soul searching-y kinds of things. I played frisbee with the dog, looked at her birds, and we kept adding to the list of things to do.

What we did:
* hit a rock and bead store for materials to make yarn necklaces
* yarn store (just visiting)
* Salvation Army (got a fancy jacket for $15)
* Jedzebel store (got a fancy skirt for $8!)
* various other cool hippie stores.

In other news...since we are hippies (feel free to stop reading here if you are not into hippie crap), we did what Meg called a “Bridget Walk” in her backyard. She has a pathway in her backyard with an arch in it and had us walk around this path seven times while contemplating. In my case, contemplating life purpose and job angst, etc. It was actually surprisingly helpful because my thoughts progressed from thinking about purpose to thinking about what I’d need in order to feel safe enough to take risks. Good points there.

We also started playing the Transformation Game again. I’m not going to recap all of it, I’ll just try to skim this...I was basically looking for guidance, Meg was trying to figure out who she wants to be now that she doesn’t have to do caregiving any more (after 8 years of it). I think this worked pretty well for her because she’d periodically come out with a “this is what I want” statement and I’d be all, “WRITE THAT DOWN!”

For me, it was more ambiguous. The big discussion we had during the game was the question of how do I get to freedom/security. Her suggestion was that I should work on meditating for inner peace--she loaned me a book on it that I read that night, pointing out that even in prison prisoners can find peace (i.e. Adnan Syed). If I can’t get freedom from my job, life. etc. I could at least do it in myself, then I wouldn’t care so much what happened on the outside.

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