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Last Day Of Work

2019-12-21, 8:00 a.m.

This entry covers Friday, 12/20/19, and is a bunch of misc. notes:

Baby Yoda went over very well at work, so well I got three other requests for one and a lot of suggestions that I should sell them, except that Disney is now going after anyone who sells Baby Yoda dolls online, apparently. (Seriously, y’all, IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT YOU DIDN’T GET ON THE STICK ABOUT THE MERCHANDISE.)

Kaila went to see Star Wars last night and said she’s “indifferent” to it. I admit I was reading all the spoilers circa 8:30 last night, but I am not feeling super motivated to get on the stick about watching it immediately. Maybe during Christmas since god knows I have nothing else to do.

I also overheard Kaila having this conversation with herself in the kitchen:
"Am I dumb?....Oh, the toaster oven's unplugged. I'm NOT dumb."
I’ve had this kind of experience more times than I can say, except frequently I am being dumb! Or I’m the girl who somehow can’t get the easy thing to work, like a lighter, inexplicably.

I heard from Melinda, who I haven’t really talked to since the summer when I was having all the drama. She’s coming into town on Monday, hopefully, so we’ll try to get together before I leave for Christmas.

Hannah started having her body go numb (off and on, I guess?) for several days now, so she’s got an MRI and whatever to look forward to in the future to likely get diagnosed with MS. At age 24. I would/will absolutely lose my damn mind if/when it was/may very well be me, but neurological disease runs in my family along with dementia, diabetes and ... okay, let’s not continue with this train of thought.

She’s actually pretty chipper about it, saying that it’s something you can deal with, Christine (our newest temp, the one with the service dog) has that and she does well, etc. This of course led to people bringing up her getting a dog. In the case of one person, skipping right over “Are you going to get a dog?” to “What kind of dog are you going to get?” Bright side, y’all.

I got this text from Mom: "Roger and I were at the donut shop when (evil uncle) came in. I did not see him until he had left. He looked at me for 2 seconds and we made eye contact but never smiled or waved or did anything to acknowledge me. This was over Roger's shoulder out the window which was mainly hidden by a winter scene painted on the window. Not that I would have waved, but he turned away before I could have done anything. At least he saw me with a man!!"

I listened to this podcast which had the following quotes I related to:
“I still think the universe is a smartass bitch, but whatever.”
“The universe is a smartass.”
“Apparently the universe speaks to me in DRAMA.”

Regarding gift swap gifts: the guy who got the giant bells hung them by his office door. I wrote on his write on board, “You’ve got some bells, man....” Hopefully that was anonymous enough. I also had a conversation with 2nd in command about how she gives her daughters in law a stocking full of fruit, booze, Starbucks gift cards and lottery tickets and gets her sons socks and underwear. Yes, I am a totally wrong person because I do NOT find all of that exciting and Real Adults clearly do. Sigh.

Anita finally sent out an email about the potluck (no drinks, no desserts...fuck, I think I may have to just get takeout). Robert responded to it by saying he was going to come, and....“I will also be bringing an actual white elephant for the gift exchange, so I will need a large pen in which to store it.”
I then wrote back to all, "So hey, who's available to get together a few hours ahead of the party to build a giant pen? And does anyone on the props committee have a giant shovel?”
One lady took this very literally and asked me what kind of giant pen was I building (a writing pen? an animal pen?) and offered me supplies to make a shovel. I had to explain I was just going with a joke.
Then someone else wrote back, “I have a giant, extra wide magic marker - will that work for the pen? See you Sunday but I'll be 40 minutes late due to my work schedule. Don't feed my dinner to the elephant!”

I never heard anything about the audition, but I don’t expect to since in my experience you usually don’t. What can you do but shrug there. Most likely I’ll hear from all my friends on Sunday that they got in and I didn’t again.

As for my actual work: I spent the day typing addresses, I got as many things mailed as I could, I hung out with friends at lunch, and the yearly slideshow of everyone’s crafts went out to the mailing list and it’s lovely.

And now I am off from work for two weeks, finally, thank gawd!

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