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Christmas Errands

2021-12-21, 9:05 a.m.

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Monday recap: I'm so exhausted. I don't normally get sore from stuff, but oh, last night's goosestepping:/ I actually slept 9 hours (I haven't done that in months) and then stayed in bed until 10:30.

Today's Hallmark: "Christmas for Keeps," which is about a group of old drama students getting together in the olde hometowne to memorialize their dead teacher and do his Christmas traditions. My attention span is shot today but there's one guy who was too nervous to do stage stuff, one girl who had a one woman show and lost her theater, and then out of the blue I heard this line, "Men just don't communicate. That's why I date women." LOL HALLMARK. Also, "Did you ever wonder why Santa Claus has a name but Mrs. Claus is nameless?" "I love your brain." Seriously, that girl is the snark factor in this movie. She also just said, "I'm happy to push you off a mountain!"

This girl is talking about how she can't find anything for her mother that doesn't make her mother go "Hmmm. Thanks, sweetie." Then the guy she's with is all, "At least you HAVE a mom to shop for."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dress up like an elf an do a scavenger hunt."

There's a whole thing about Stage Fright Guy and whether he is going to start a cookie making business or not. At one point his wife is all "you started a cookie making business and you never even told me?" and he's all "I haven't started one yet!" and I'm all "don't you need to get licensing for stuff like that?" Stage Fright Guy's wife is a or something busy like that, and he's annoyed she has no time to hang out with him.

Another movie quote: "I'm thinking of moving to Michigan." "That's an interesting choice of states!" Then the dude says he loves her, and she says she loves him....very emotionally...out of nowhere? Honestly, I have been spacing out through the entire movie, in case you couldn't tell.

I measured Scott's hat and it IS 23 1/2 inches, so I don't have to redo the thing. THANK GAWD. I did finish packaging up Cameron's yarn and putting in a card and writing her a letter. (I note that her dad died unexpectedly this year, so I know how the first holidays without go and wanted to send some sympathy.) Then I eventually did errands starting at 11:30: got my tires reinflated, dropped off books at the library, went to FedEx to ship Cameron's gift, got groceries, got gas. Good job, me.

I ended up buying myself an adorable little teddy bear with a pointsettia while I was out, and on the way home I saw that someone had thrown out a little fake tree in my favorite shade of pinky-purple. I HAD to go get it even though well, I have a lot of trees. Too cute to not get.

After having lunch, I went out to do shopping--I got Rae's mom a bookstore gift card (she was happy about that, she told me later) and also ran around buying Mom presents since um, I only have five so far (calendar, Hawaiian nuts, mask chains I made, a cowl I made, a Hawaiian bag) and I don't know if I'll have this cross stitch turtle finished in time. So I bought her some jewelry and some novelty socks and smelly soap, which I hope works. I also found a picture frame for if/when I finish the turtle, so that's done.

After that, I went to Rae's (well, her parents' house) and we did gifts. I got a felted hat and a blingy sequin stocking and she loved the Loki Disney ears I got her. I briefly hung out there and then took her to Starbucks, Target and Michaels for an hour before I went to karaoke. I did tell her that I'm not sure I want to go to Harry Potter Land given the omicron stuff right now and we don't know how things will be going in March, I presume at some point I'll talk to her mom about it. They seem to keep changing their plans on their end so heck if I know (now it's "we're flying!", oy. Rae called later with "bad news" and it was just about flying, NOT ANYTHING ELSE, THANK GOD).

I went to karaoke early. It doesn't start until 6 but I went by around 5 to give Ashley her gift and otherwise say hi/bye to people since one way or another I won't be going for like the next 2-3 weeks. Should I be doing this? Absofuckinglutely not. Even with a statewide mask mandate I was the only one in there masked up. Not even the employees are wearing any and they don't have the excuse of eating and drinking. Suffice it to say I am an idiot, I am deliberately making a ridiculously poor life choice along with everyone else and will deserve what I get, right? I guess I'll enjoy my health while I've still got it. I won't be around for the next few weeks anyway, one way or another. I'm trying not to imagine my lungs failing right now.

I gave Ashley her gift, which I think? went over well? It was an anatomical heart (she has heart problems) and she said it looked like a heart, but not her heart, because it's missing some bits. Oy vey! We may hang out tomorrow, we'll see.

People REALLY decked out for the ugly sweater contest. I just wore my humping reindeer one for the day without going all out with one of my handmade ones, suspecting (correctly) that the contest wouldn't be held before I had to leave early, so why put the effort into competing (or really, trying to hunt through my closet for one of the handmade ones--they weigh like 50 pounds and I only break them out for parties really). But I saw some flabbergastingly awful ones and I don't even know which was likely to win:
* "Merry Christmas, Shitter's Full," with a tinsel-y trailer that lights up. I WANT THIS ONE.
* One guy had a sweater that looked like a hairy man with his shirt off and Christmas balls hanging out of his nipples.
* Two hand-made ones: one lady just stuck all kinds of random objects on the front and had a wreath on the back. The other one...not kidding, BARBIE STRIPPER POLE WITH DOLLARS on it.

I had to leave by 6:30, but I'm glad I got there early to say hi to people, at least. And of course sing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." And take photos of hideous sweaters.

Rehearsal: we did "The King Of Broadway" again. I totally forgot to rewatch the video, but oh well, most of it came on back, so no biggie. That part is fun. Then we redid "I Wanna Be A Producer." I do next to nothing in this. Literally I walk across the stage twice throwing files onto people's desks and then leave for the rest of the number. Oooookay then. After that, we were done.

I need to stop having my imagination run away with me. If bad things happen, they happen. Hell, they may happen even if I was behaving myself entirely at this point, sigh. Who knows. I scheduled a covid test for Wednesday, at least. I don't think I'm going to try to find a bunch of rapid tests (I hear that's nigh impossible to do anyway), I may just hope for the best under the circumstances.

So far, no symptoms as of Tuesday morning when I'm posting this.

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